Your Essential Travel Guide To Cuba!

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Every year millions of people travel to this city in hopes of finding Tupac Shakur.

My audio equipment was confiscated at the Havana Airport within the first hour that I arrived in the city, so though I was not able to do interviews, so I thought creating a cool travel guide on Havana, Cuba would be a great alternative!

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TheYafaShow says:

Your personal guide when traveling to Havana, Cuba. Where every year
millions of people from around the globe travel to this country in hopes of
finding Tupac Shakur.


Cubaa, did you met any sexy cuban jebita

Jim Bob says:

I think it’s great that we are warming up to Cuba. It’s ridiculous that it
took this long to do so. 

tripleheshy says:

Good job Barack, you just went head down and ass up to a Commie mass
murdering regime.

LuliShikorina says:

Cuba’s beautiful, nice video yafa!

Alexis Elliott says:

Hi Yafa ☺️

zippity dandy says:

that convertible joke doe

crazylazy1212 says:

Seriously though Yafa, Did you find Tupac?

Yirga Mulugeta says:

i like this kind of video

ihatepie2630 says:

Awesome Video!

champagne Luis says:

Are you cuban?

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