Worlds First Russian Dolls to Travel Around the Globe

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World’s First Russian Dolls to Travel Around the Globe – Matryoshky Travels!

Music – Dan O at – composition – “Kira Fled the Distric”
Thank you SO MUCH everyone for LIKES, Comments and SUBSCRIPTION!

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Lana San says:

Worlds First Russian Dolls to Travel Around the Globe -very good video!
Wonderful dolls! Thank you my dear Janna ))

Janna Travels says:
Жанка Англичанка says:

#World_record First Russian Dolls to #Travel_around_the_World

Lexieluthor says:

This was very cute, my dream is to travel to Russia, to visit the home city
of the girl I fell in Love with !!! For she is my Angel on earth – My
little matryoshka – and I will never love another – ever …

Brandon M. says:

It truly is art!! Too cool!! SUCH an interesting project!! I’m amazed as I
knew of nothing of this project, personally!!! TOO COOL! :)

Dianna Saf says:

Wow, it is a super Russian Dolls =)) Super video!!! Thanks Janna !!!

Lexieluthor says:

Dear Janna,

Thank you soooooooooo much! I don’t even know you – but if you can – please
– send me a wish that this amazing dream will come true. It would mean the
world to me !!!!! 

Ольга Ололоевна says:

Здорово получилось) !

Dianna Saf says:



This is Art !!

laserbeam 002 says:

Very nice. Have you named them? Are the traditional Russian dolls carved
wood or clay? Thank you. 

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