Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

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Put # and then your city and country/state in your comment so I know where you’re from. #Seattle, Washington
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Wanna dance with me in in your town?
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/9h7qzss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhereTheHIsMatt

“Trip the Light” on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/772ot8k

Vocals by Alicia Lemke of Alice and the Glass Lake


The dancers in Syria are blurred for their safety.

I got into North Korea with Koryo Tours. It’s not difficult or dangerous.

This video was made without a sponsor. I don’t need you to buy anything. Just remember we need to take care of each other.


Lost4ever300 says:

#SaudiArabia I love you matt. I love muslims, Christians, jews,
buddhists, atheists, hindus…etc I LOVE EVERYBODY! :D

Raymond Barlow says:

Dancing is the Celebration of Life. (don’t miss this one!)

What city is nearest to you? Also, you can drag the music text out of the
way to see the city names.

Dance with them?

Bring our world together in Friendship!

Save nature, and have fun!

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Zehava Ruahh says:

Currently my favorite youtube video.
What is your favorite clip?

Joe Ryan says:

Matt Seems like a very happy person that understands how much better the
world can be.
I want to meet this guy he seems like a really awesome guy.

Trude Scharff says:

#Louisville Kentucky USA Wonderful love it!! Exquisite! People of the
world dancing laughing just for moment….happy dancin brings the heart to
tears so beautiful….#Louisville Kentucky USA…come to

Uilkje J-F. says:

Doe je ook even mee en goeie ochtend gym, ik begin er maar niet aan.

Silva Bežan says:

“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have
been left behind in the 60’s, that’s a problem. Peace and love are
eternal.” John Lennon
Wonderful song and video!!! Incredible how you can unite people around the
world to dance.

fiveohfivethree says:

You were here!? In 2012?! How did I miss this… #Edinburgh #Scotland

Isabelle Hechinger says:

*la Terre entière danse* !
*Regardez jusqu’au bout, c’est BÔ* !!!!

Nutelligence says:

#SanJuan, Puerto Rico. This is my favorite video on the Internet by far. 

Susan Smith-Rife says:

Just wish you didn’t use the word “hell” in an otherwise perfect video for
families. Thank you for including my old home town – and even spelling it
right! – Schuylkill Haven, PA.

marie-rose gastou says:

C’est magnifique!

TheHawk2001 says:

why does this video always make me cry

Angela C says:

Love it! #Manchester UK

Sweet Cupcake says:

Yaaaay he danced in my country Canada 

Pamela Ziemann says:

*Don’t be Surprised if You Feel Like Getting Up and Dancing Part Way
Through This FEEL-GOOD Video* … And by the way, what’s your favorite
place of all? *Add to Comments:*
Thanks for Sharing this +Terra Farrar
#wherethehellisMatt #video #viralvideo #alanchong #travelvideo

Pamela D. Schmidt says:

From Glendora, California, thanks for making me smile today! Such a shame
that our world’s leaders are so hungry for money that it has to corrupt in
order for their success

frostxr says:

How does he afford all these trips?

Diana Bazadze-Kleniewska says:

Hey Mat That is a wonderful video!!! Maybe one day you will travel to my
country Georgia and dance with us 🙂 I’m from Tbilisi, Georgia. Please find
your way to my home 🙂 Thanks again!!!This video gives me the best feelings
thank you for this!!!

NovaGamer says:

I liked the part with the seals.

Chiara Grandin says:

Your videos are the proof that the world even with his problems is a very
BEAUTIFUL place, and that there are so many wonderful people who live in
it. Thanks Matt. You’re a really living INSPIRATION! Thanks from the bottom
of my heart. Best kinds to your family. Chiara, #Venice Italy

Ron Faich says:

Albuquerque, NM, USA. Delightful, very special. Makes one forget about
all the crap going on across the world–at least for a few minutes. Thanks
very much, Matt.

Brett Wilson says:

#houston, Texas

Tom Kilbane says:

Matt i have moved to Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. Would jump at
the chance to be in a video of love themes!!!! awesome message!!!

phantomcruiser says:

#Chattanooga, Tennessee (or very close by). Love this video, I thought the
moves in Budapest were really cool and a lot of fun! My favorite part
though is the sound of the baby giggling as he’s bouncing on your
shoulders. When I’m feeling blue the sound of a child’s laughter can snap
me right out of it. Music and dance (and mathematics) are universal
languages and I hope you can continue to spread the word! 

izitbgr says:

Made me cry…. Our World is so mesmerizingly beautiful …. Very touching
<3 Thank You!

Shreyashi Sarkar says:

you didn’t come to #Delhi, India..:( nonetheless, this video is really

Beatriz Uras says:

hermoso!..para cuándo Argentina???

xeter2000 says:


bakkahentai2600 says:

There is nothing better to show the unity of humanity than our love of food
and dance. Dance on, Matt.

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