Where the Hell is Matt? 2006

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I had a great time making this. Hope you enjoy it.


Kristine Tran says:

he didnt get stung by the jellyfishes? o.o

MaryAnn VanMeter says:

I would love to know if it is Matt’s work that takes him to all those
places, because he must live an incredible life that allows him to travel
like that!

SkukiPlay says:

I would like this but I gave it 5 stars already, 7 years ago…

Mike Warren says:

kid one is old enough to know not to bite. kid two is old enough to know
not to put his fingers in someones mouth

FantageChic says:

Beautiful and inspiring! I can’t believe I’ve never seen this video!

Kinan Radaideh says:


cristina fuentes says:

loved this video. Even though the world can be so ugly this really made me
smile and reminded me how beautiful the world can also be

TheBassAckwards says:

What does Matt do for a living that he can afford to travel so much?

gabrirafa says:

God , 8 years ago . I´m getting old.

Paul Gaurnier says:

I have seen 59 years. I am now several months into my 60th year of life
experience. I have seen a lot of video in my life. Of very many different
venues and focuses. This is one of the greatest videos I have ever seen, in
my opinion. Oh, wait a minute, “in my opinion” means I am the only one
voting. I guess I get to say “This is one of the greatest videos I have
ever seen regardless of length or purpose or economic input or any other
factors I may have overlooked” 🙂 .

PauloSNES says:

Like si tu pais tiene mar

Manuel EdgHill says:

I’ve played this video about 200 times… of which I only watched it a
few… the rest, I just come to hear the song.

(btw, anyone know the name of this song?)

Tyra Jennipher says:

well um pretty funny i guess well i am not a person that writes bad
comments so pretty good actually

jimbe1969 says:

Lol, he’s being careful on that rock in Norway!

ProNorden Agrarian-Nationalism says:

One of our longest worldwide Frat parties continues with the ‘White
Privilege Dance’ ….

usernamemaybe says:

this videos always make me cry, I can’t help it. I envy you so much, I wish
I could see the world 🙂 beautiful, also the music

Raman Top says:

oh man. i was only 10 years old when i first saw this. im 19 now lol 

Lord Zane says:

one of the best youtube videos in 2006

sagrodat says:


Josanne Fabian says:

Wow, he must do some type of work around the world to go and travel like

David Jaramillo says:


Shawny L Blumenfeld says:

Precious babes ya got there !!!lol

martyca6 says:

Matt is one very lucky person to travel the world, wish that was me.

Dolphin says:

LOL i remember seeing the parody of this, I think it was of a matt’s
supposed girlfriend sleeping with guys or some shit

LuCaS_ Gamer says:

Like If Some One Watching This In 2015 :D

YouTube Cache and Archives says:

3:12 Jawed is in blue Jacket

eli allen says:

wow this video is great

Giantsman5688 says:

Never seen this but this is truly awesome! 

Celenea Mitchell says:

love this! love the music…Deep forest….

wengkwan kuan says:

At that time I think I was only 3 years old.

GG says:

Hah! Love how jolly and naive his dance is! Funny seeing him serious in
Vienna hihi

Battle for Money says:


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