Where on Earth is Rinell? (Pinoy Around The World)

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I’m a Filipino who dreamed of traveling around the world…I want to inspire, motivate and encourage people by sharing my travel videos, uniting people by a dance and a smile.. What it takes for me to achieved it? I will share it to you…

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Rinell 🙂

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Rinell Banda says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Rinell Banda says:

#inspiration #motivation #aroundtheworld 

Rexinor Santia says:

hi Rinell i am so much inspired on this video, matagal ko rin na pinangarap
ang makapag travel abroad, kaso mukhang di sapat ung kinikita ko sa trabaho
ko ngaun, btw panu mu na gawa yung ganyan, did u involved yourself in a
network marketing business or r u working as a sea farer, dami mu na kasi
napuntahan ehh, sana marating ko rin yang mga bansa na pinuntahan mu

Genreign Anthony Veetal says:

All of a sudden this made me cry. I dunno why but one thing is for sure.
This guy here have a big heart and a vast dream. Kuya, kahit di ko po kayo
kilala nagpapasalamat po ako sa inyo kasi tinatayo niyo po yung bandera ng
ating bansa sa simpleng pagbibigay ng ligaya sa ating mga kapatid sa ibang
bansa sa pamamagitan ng pagpapasaya at pagsheshare ng ngiti ^_^ Keep
inspiring more people po and God bless you more!

Jakurin says:

wow, nakakainspire naman. . ilang countries na ang napuntahan mo? amazing!

Rinell Banda says:

Inspired by Matt Harding! This guy made his own version of traveling the
world! :-)

Yunita dewi agustina says:

Great one ;-)

Scout Joe says:

I want to travel like you Rinell Banda someday 🙂 and that is my dream too,
More power to you bro, God Bless and Mabuhay tayong mga pinoy 

Rinell Banda says:

Let us travel around the world! :-)

Rinell Banda says:

We are dreamers who would like to travel the world someday…

Jurgen Carolino says:

great video!!! :D

Rinell Banda says:

Let us travel the world :-)

Eftihia Xiruhaki says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jonathan Orbuda says:


Rinell Banda says:

Keep Calm and let us travel the world :-)

Rinell Banda says:

Where on earth is Rinell? Around the world?

Rinell Banda says:

Let us travel around the world!

Rinell Banda says:
Rinell Banda says:

Around the world!

Rinell Banda says:

Let us travel the world :-)

Renante Mina says:
Rinell Banda says:

Inspiring video of a traveler

Rinell Banda says:

Inspired by Matt Harding video…

Rinell Banda says:

Let us explrore El Nido PHILIPPINES :-)

Andreea-Elisabeta Muresan-Leau says:
Brian Baulch says:

Fantastic +Rinell Banda thank you for sharing your experinces 

Ia Adam-Lim says:

You are living your dream. What’s next on your itinerary?

Jonathan Orbuda says:

Great Video , Filipino can really Compete worldwide!! More Power

ochie27 says:

awesome vid!

Archie Zamora says:

Bro, your videos are really motivational!! Keep it up!

Andreea-Elisabeta Muresan-Leau says:

love it so much and it remember me my erasmus experience from UK, germany,
france, belgium..

Brandon Yee says:

Great video Rinell!

Rodrigo Acuzar says:

Oh yeah!

isdonahforreal says:

Love your video! So inspiring! Would love to see more places in the future

starlife77 says:

Wow, Rinell, this is one of my favorite videos – it is so full of happy
spirit, dance and laughter and it takes us around the world. Thank you so

Glady Reyes says:

Antarctica? Ikaw na! 😀

dutchman72 says:

hi Rinellki, wish I did that with my 126 countrier I have been to!

Noel Ramos says:

Wow! ngayon ko lang nabigyan ng pansin yung Video mo.. you’re so

Hancel De Torres says:

Jealous much 🙁

dutchman72 says:

hi rinelki! wish I did t

Wendi Karam says:

I didn’t see San Francisco in there…

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