What to pack for a gap year backpacking trip around the world

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In this video I will go through the items I carried in my 46L pack during my year long trip through eastern africa and SE asia.
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What to wear:
ExOfficio Geotrek’R long sleeve shirt – http://amzn.to/XcZXjJ
ExOfficio Nio Amphi pant – http://amzn.to/15lLV2C
Pacsafe Cashsafe belt – http://amzn.to/YfzEFD
SeV travel boxer
Chaco Z/1 sandals – http://amzn.to/12vH27t

What to carry:
Pacsafe 100 travel wallet – http://amzn.to/XQKLZu
Moleskine pocket notebook – http://amzn.to/Z6F8FA
Inka pen – http://amzn.to/15lMhGx
Canon PowerShot s95 camera – http://amzn.to/Zj9B74
SanDisk 16 GB SDHC Memory Card – http://amzn.to/Z6Fqfz
Pacsafe DigiSafe 100 Camera Strap – http://amzn.to/15lMw4c
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 (Unlocked) – http://amzn.to/Zj9NU3
Samsung Galaxy S3 battery w/ charger – http://amzn.to/Ut5jaw
Samsung 3.5mm earbuds w/ microphone – http://amzn.to/Xd0Cl7
Kingston 16GB USB flash drive – http://amzn.to/Z6FL23
Timex T498549J Rugged watch – http://amzn.to/Ut5tyM

What to pack (main pack):
Osprey Porter 46L backpack – http://amzn.to/ZjaKvp
AmazonBasics quilted electronics case
Sesamee brass combination padlock – http://amzn.to/YoNwzg
Westclox travel alarm clock – http://amzn.to/Xd1xC2
Flexoline laundry clothesline – http://amzn.to/12U4Sp8
REI 60L Ducks Back rain cover
Purell Hand Sanitizer – http://amzn.to/Ut7pY2
Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle – http://amzn.to/YfAQc3
REI TSA double cable lock
SeV Microfleece Hoodie
Katadyn MyBottle water purifier – http://amzn.to/YfASR8
Small first aid kit – http://amzn.to/14Z6NM2
Marmot Precip rain jacket – http://amzn.to/12U5zhW
Eagle Creek slim toiletry kit – http://amzn.to/YfAYs6
Remington MB-20 mustache trimmer – http://amzn.to/14Z6TDg
Soap box – http://amzn.to/XGdxYV
L.R. Liggetts laundry bar soap / shampoo – http://amzn.to/Z6HtjZ
Eagle Creek pack-it half cube – http://amzn.to/WPjpmR
MSR Packtowel UltraLite x-large – http://amzn.to/Z6HyUw
ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer – http://amzn.to/Ut8dMr
Running shorts
Smartwool PhD Micro socks – http://amzn.to/12U6gIn
Smartwool Hiker socks – http://amzn.to/14Z73uq
Eagle Creek pack-it cube – http://amzn.to/15lOktX
Polo shirt
Exofficio Exo Dri short sleeve shirt – http://amzn.to/YoOxHw
Minus33 merino wool short sleeve shirt – http://amzn.to/14Z78y9
ExOfficio Nio Amphi short – http://amzn.to/14Z79lC
Columbia Bug Shield pant – http://amzn.to/YfBo1A
Columbia Whidbey water short – http://amzn.to/14Z7dlk
Dockers Khaki pants
Eagle Creek pack-it shoe sac – http://amzn.to/Xd2n1F
Columbia Switchback 2 trail running shoes – http://amzn.to/VtsovF
Jag Bag endura silk sleep sack
Long sleeve shirt
Under Armour ColdGear longsleeve shirt – http://amzn.to/12vMzuU
REI Flash 18L daypack
3M Ultrathon insect repellent lotion – http://amzn.to/12U7Dqj
REI shoulder strap
Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L portable safe – http://amzn.to/Z6Ifxi

What to pack (day pack):
BP World 25L backpack
Sea to Summit 13L eVAC dry sack – http://amzn.to/Ut9qnc
Apple MacBook Pro 13″ – http://amzn.to/12U88R7
Leather laptop sleeve – http://amzn.to/Z6Iqsp
Asus Nexus 7 32 GB 3g Tablet – http://amzn.to/12U8De7
Guyot Designs Microbite utensils – http://amzn.to/Xd2SJ8
Pedco UltraPod lightweight tripod – http://amzn.to/Xd2Von
Samsung GT-B2710 waterproof phone – http://amzn.to/VXKwNW
Buffalo Technology 500GB hard drive – http://amzn.to/Uta7gb
On The Go (OTG) cable – http://amzn.to/Z6IJUb
IOGEAR SD/MicroSD/MMC Card Reader – http://amzn.to/Z6INTW
Kensington international travel adapter – http://amzn.to/ZjcRzr
New Trent 5V/2A Dual USB wall charger – http://amzn.to/Xd38I4
Griffin USB Mini-Cable kit – http://amzn.to/Xd39vw
USB extension cable – http://amzn.to/WPksmI
New Trent IMP70D battery backup – http://amzn.to/WPkrzo
Apple MagSafe Power Adapter – http://amzn.to/Xd3j6f
AmazonBasics USB to micro USB cable – http://amzn.to/XGeOiN
Travel tweezers – http://amzn.to/UtaKX8
True Utility TU47 bottle opener – http://amzn.to/WPkATh

Pictures from my trip: http://www.longistoodnowigo.com/p/pictures.html


Louis Sanderson says:

Flashpacker 😉 haha nice review by the way! 

Jay Muller says:


Thanks again for this video. It’s been my go-to for packing tips, and I’ve
purchased most of the gear you recommended besides the technology.

One other question I have regards anti-malaria meds. I’ll be hitting
indochina, south thailand, singapore, bali, and manila. Do you take
malarone or doxy? Are the chances very low for me to contract it? I’ll be
outdoors a lot and doing some hiking.

Destinie Baker says:

did you check your bag on planes or carry on?

Pete S says:

you just got a new subscriber!!! 🙂 really like your video. i want to
travel around the world after i finish with college. any tips and how much
it wold be?

Edify says:

And I thought I was bad with electronics lmao. Like the vid though man!

Jay Muller says:

Hey Scott. How much do you think it would cost for me to almost replicate
everything? What is the cheapest way to attain all the proper equipment?
I’m leaving January 5th for 3 months in Southeast Asia. Thanks for the help!

GreensFTW says:

You really like pockets 😀 then again they’re useful.

Scott Alan says:

Hey NiMonNyC, I’m glad to hear that you’re thinking about taking a trip. I
don’t doubt that you can make it around the world in 4 months, but I advise
you to select only a few destinations. From my experience, you will know
very little about your destination in the first week. I personally like to
stay for about a month because it gives me the flexibility to explore, and
it saves on airfare. You could have an amazing trip through 4-5 countries!

Scott Alan says:

I definitely think a 46L bag like the Osprey Porter is sufficient. I also
like the REI Vagabond, which is about 40L and has an internal frame for
more back support. The longer your trip, the less you will want to carry so
you can stay mobile. If you won’t be working on your trip, a tablet like an
ipad should be fine. You also might want to consider a Nexus 7 or Galaxy
Tab because they are a bit less flashy.

brandon pena says:

This video really helped! Thanks!

Scott Alan says:

Ha, I only use the term ‘gap year’ because I’ve heard it so often from
European travelers. For me it was just a year-long sabbatical. I haven’t
added up the price of all of my gear, but I saved roughly $20k for my trip.
I know that sounds like a lot, but it was 12 months of
transport/food/activities and I didn’t hold back on some of the more
expensive stuff. That included climbing Kilimanjaro and the Rwenzori
Mountains, and gorilla trekking in the DRC. Have a great time on your trip
in June!

Scott Alan says:

I’m going to be making a new video about this soon, but I am a fan of
merino wool. I’m currently wearing primarily Icebreaker and Smartwool
clothes. If you’re traveling in Africa, the priority is staying functional
and cool, which makes Exofficio a great choice. If you’re traveling in more
developed areas like SE asia, merino wool is nice because it’s a bit more
formal and helps you stand out less.

Michael Hynes says:

Great Video thanks.. very informative.. were you able to use the Osprey 46L
as a carry-on for all your travel? or did any airlines make you check it? i
hope you will post some video or slideshows of your travel pictures.

Scott Alan says:

Glad you enjoyed it. I typically used ground transport to save money, so I
rarely had to deal with airlines. On my flight from DC to Nairobi, Virgin
Atlantic made me check my bag at the gate because it didn’t meet the weight
restriction (no cost to me). As far as size, the Osprey 46 is definitely
carry-on compatible. I plan to post a video with my pictures soon, but for
now I have 5 months of pictures on my site. I added a link in the video

cobalong says:

Haha, it’s fascinating watching this – I’m a girl and am going to Africa
for six weeks on a camping tour (though it’s essentially just night camping
and days are spent sitting in a truck), and I’m bringing atleast twice as
much as you! I guess as a woman, I need to bring conservative clothing
options, which take up more space, however I probably should cut back, I
know… :S

Dan Parkin says:

this may seem a stupid question, but on travel days how do you carry your
day bag and your backpack? do you empty it put it into the backpack or put
both of them on your back? sorry for the stupid question

Scott Alan says:

Hi Dan – It was completely dependent on the circumstances. I allowed enough
space in my main pack that my smaller backpack could fit inside if needed.
However, I generally carried the main pack on my back and slung the
backpack over one shoulder. When I was on a bus, I would store the main
pack and keep the backpack with me so that it never left my sight.

TheBushCapital says:

really cool gear setup, some great ideas. thanks

Him NYC says:

Do you think 4 months is enough time to travel RTW from NYC and end up back
in LA?

AnandsAdventures says:

Impressive set. Even more impressive that you fit all that into a carry on
with the shoes!

Scott Alan says:

Hey Jay, I purchased about 90% of my gear from Amazon.com and the other 10%
from REI. If you don’t have Amazon Prime already, you get sign up for a
trial and get all your gear shipped free. I don’t know exactly how much I
spent, but I have links to all of my gear in the description. Maybe $1k?
Check out my website for some packing tips. I’m living in SE Asia now and
it’s a great time. Have a good trip!

Him NYC says:

Do you think carrying just the osprey would be sufficient for year long RTW
trip? I currently have a macbook that I don’t use but I may consider buying
an ipad to replace it for the trip. I don’t want to carry such a bulky
computer and power brick with me at all times.

Scott Alan says:

Thanks for subscribing! I think it’s a great idea to travel after
graduation. Cost will depend on the region you’d like to visit. In the
developing world I was happy with a $50/day budget including everything
(transport/food/accommodation/activities), but each person is different.
Tips: 1) Pack only specialty items because you can buy most things on the
road 2) Keep your plans general because circumstances change 3) Take your
time 4) Talk to other travelers (travelers > lonely planet) ENJOY!

zàk Azour says:

Let’s explore the world 😀

Scott Alan says:

Honestly it was lighter and smaller than most of the bags other travelers
were carrying. I had a lot of stuff but everything was pretty small and

Mario Kirchsteiger says:

What do you think of clothes made from merino wool, like icebreaker?

Austin Padillla says:

On days when you go out and explore where do you keep your main bag? Do you
carry both bags or just your day pack? What did you find to be the safest
place to keep your belongings? Thanks

Scott Alan says:

I never really thought about it, but I guess you’re right. It was probably
all the crammed matatu rides in Africa that made me such a fan. You can’t
grab anything from your bag when you have chickens and fish on your lap…

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