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15 Weirdest Foods around the world | From chicken feet to tuna eyeballs: here are 15 weird foods to satisfy the most daring of palates.
Here are 15 of the weirdest foods to try on your travels.

1) Crispy tarantula, Cambodia
If the eight-legged freak is your worst nightmare, then it’s debatable whether this option is better on worse. In Cambodia, don’t miss the opportunity to munch on the local delicacy of a deep-fried tarantula. Apparently the taste is actually quite bearable – think of a cross between chicken and cod (just with eight hairy legs attached).

2) Sheep eyeball juice, Mongolia
If you ever needed an alcohol deterrent, this is it. In Mongolia, the traditional hangover cure is a glass full of tomato juice, vinegar and sheep eyeballs. It’s full of vitamins and very good for you, but possibly the only hangover ‘cure’ that’ll leave you feeling more sick than when you started. Here’s looking at you, kid!

3) Century egg, China
You’ll need a strong stomach to handle this one, ‘hundred (or even a thousand) year-old eggs’ are black inside and are usually preservered for several months in a mixture of clay, ash and lime. They have a strong stench of ammonia and sulphur, so if you’re after a pungent, preserved delicacy, this is the one for you.

4) Frozen whale skin and blubber, Greenland
Known affectionately to locals as ‘muktuk’, this oily/rubbery treat is packed full of vitamin C and D. The skin and blubber from the Bowhead Whale is normally eaten raw, but if you fancy something different, you can get the deep-fried version.

5) Chicken feet, China
Warning: this is a gristly little number. As the old saying goes, the Chinese eat anything with legs, apart from the table. Crunchy to the core, chicken feet are as popular a snack in China as crisps are in the UK. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to grab a pack of these deep-fried fried morsels. If you don’t want the snack-food version, you can get them boiled in a soup, barbecued or marinated for hours so you’ve got something to look forward to when you get home.

6) Maggot-infested cheese, Sardinia
If you like ripe stilton or a cheeky wedge of gorgonzola, then you might just enjoy this one. CasuMarza is a decomposed soft sheep milk cheese that is home to the cheese fly larvae. When you order the dish, you’ll be able to see the insects moving, but be careful not to disturb them too much when you nudge the plate as they can launch themselves 15 centimetres in the air if aggravated (before being eaten of course).

7) Escamoles (ant larvae), Mexico
Escamoles are the eggs of the very aggressive giant black Liometopum ants. They’re found in the root system of agave plants and farmers often get bitten retrieving them. To prepare hem, they are first fried up with butter and spices, then wrapped in a tortilla. The consistency is like cottage cheese, the taste is buttery and nutty and they’re widely referred to as ‘insect caviar’.

8) Pufferfish, Japan
Known as fugu in Japan, the pufferfish is so dangerou


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