Travel Videos – My Trip Around the World, Quick Glimpse!

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If know Can Name All the Places In Order ill sub box u! Comment! I have named them all in my commentaries ! hint hint


Group Brett says:

@iGaMeRzFury next week.

Brock_M says:

I subscribed u 😀

HeyLookItsEd says:

What camera aare you using?

Cronaldorlz says:

rome, venice, sweden, whales. i dont have a fucking clue for the rest of
the clips. (whales being the last pic. theyre not in order either)

Brock_M says:

Jewish James, could u please make a video of a high killing match with the
gun in black ops the Aug? 😀

TheCheesecar says:

whr you gt th mony to travl and attend university?

iGaMeRzFury says:

Rome, Supermarket, Venice, Beach, Italy, Swiss, Monaco When will you decide
who has it right or closer

TheUnitGaming says:

I always find your videos so interesting, no matter what they are! 🙂

Shah Qayyum says:

What the beauty?

irokatcod4 says:

rome, italy, spain

TheZezat says:

First is Rome, Second Venice, Third possible Spain, Fourth swiss alps, five
ill guess it can be sweden, six Greece, next 2 i don’t know and last one is

QuinnyyMini says:

1.Rome 2.Venice 3. Vatican city Not sure about the rest xD But i have been
to all those places i listed, and they are amazing.

ConnerHD says:

this is fucking awesome.Are you using a GoPro camera?

blackopsbc123 says:

1st <3

TheF2TheInnian says:

wow brett, im jealous 🙁

RuthlessGamers says:


Group Brett says:

Name all the cities or even countries in order and ill box you for 2 weeks!
If no one guesses perfectly then the person with the most correct wins!
comment 3 times max XD

joseph guci says:

ur so rich i envy ur life a lot

alvinkang says:

This video sucked son

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