travel video – around the world in 3 minutes

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Finally back from vacation – here are clips. Hope to have some regular videos up soon.

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Music Unboxing! says:

Why go to the netherlands lol

Neueregel says:

nice vids!!

ThomasCrown79 says:

Great to have you back! Hope you had some quality rest!

TheCrazyFinn says:

3:04 Omnomnom

lorax2013 says:

@namitsu1 No, I never plan out a trip in advance more than necessary. This
time was just a series of one way tickets – nice to not have a fixed
departure date from any country.

Johannes Höschele says:

looks really great how much time and money did u spend in total?

cwgdana1 says:

Wow Lorax, that was great. Thanks for posting. Long time no hear from you.
Missed your insights!

Flexo1986 says:

Hey Lorax! Nice to have you back 🙂 Must have been a blast…how long did
this vacation last?

Anima3333 says:

He’s baaaaaack …. Thanks for documenting that the world’s still around.
I’ve been stuck at my computer so have not had time to check for myself.

brightlightbabe says:

Thanks for posting this wow what a journey!!Pacific Island is most
tranquil. What a mindset to do this see unique parts of the world and keep
going.Vicarious in great appreciation to see a clip of your vast experience
over months of travel.Glad you are back home safe and sound I have thought
of you on your journey trip very cool!.

reversekenny says:

Hmpf. Seems you forgot to film an important city… Oh, well, perhaps you
like to keep it your secret 😉

hanspetervertreter says:

Cool vid! How do you earn your Money BTW? To Pay those vacations

freedom4life77 says:

Nice Video. It just proves that there is so much to be thankful for in our

yo1dude1man says:

Red, White, and Blue Chemtrails – pretty cool!

namitsu1 says:

@lorax2013 In my experience though, one-way tickets are usually more
expensive than round trips. I never really understood this, though someone
told me it’s because this way the airline company secured a taken seat on
the flight back. But it seems like this wasn’t the case on your flights.
I’m more confused than ever about this 🙂

namitsu1 says:

Did you plan the whole thing in advance?

mothertory says:

That was awesome! You really went ALL those places?

Hancy18 says:


jmeiskues says:


ThoughtPatterns says:


MajeauX says:

Wow, man. You inspire me.

Jenna X says:

What do you do? Wow, this seems like one of the best vacation ever!!!!!

MonsieurSix says:

Wow, what an awesome vacation! I was just thinking the other day that I
missed your videos. Tell us what you learned on your trip or something!

luserjoe says:

I hate travel, but this is impressive. Hope you had fun!

KiaOra53 says:

Gosh, you nearly made it here to NZ – sooo close you came. Great to have
you back on YT – hanging out for more of your brilliance.

josh jna says:

you rule

Pascal Altena says:

Looks like you had a great vacation but I do hope you saw more of The
Netherlands than just a windmill from the highway! What places did you see
in NL?

Charlie Helyes says:

You should get an interrail train ticket and travel around europe. You can
travel freely with one ticket for up to a month. I did this and it was the
best experience of my life I saw 15 countries in 20 days.

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