TRAVEL TIPS: My Favourite Flavours From Around the World [Interactive Video]

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Maya D says:

Oh my god that necklace! I think you got it from an Etsy shop called
Delicious Hobo I think it’s MythicScultpore now) right? I have a tree
necklace from that shop 🙂 

Amy Parker says:

I’ve got a question. Two actually. First, where do you think is the best
place to travel first as a solo traveller? Secondly, what do you think is
the best way to save up for travel when you’re still a student but planning
to take a gap year?

Alisha Bailey says:

Belgian food is really good ! and i love belizean, italian, chinese,
japanese, greek all kind i would say ^^

izzu ddin says:

how about malaysian foods

Anelia Mitova says:

I love how excited you get when talking about food 😀 

fikaso says:

wow! i like your passion ! 😀 i would like to suggest to people to go on a
eating spree in Peru best empanadas as well 🙂 but you wanna concentrate on
other 1000 delishoous things as this country is by far the more advanced in
food and have lots of love for it compared to other South american
Did not expect Greece that just tells me you are a real foody!
aand just want to mention Turkish cuisine(skip the honeysweets 😀 ) i feel
like it’s underrated.. :)

Paul Pelech says:

My favorite would be the galettes I had while staying in St-Brieuc, France.
And with macaroons for dessert… Oh my God. Amazing.

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