Travel the world. Wes Barker style.

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This video took me 2 years to complete. It means a great deal to me. I hope it can add a little something to your day.

In an attempt to set a world record I started carrying random people all over the globe. I have no agenda for this video. My only goal is to spread and share inspirations. However random or strange they may seem.

This video covers a lot of places. Lets see if we can list them all in the comments!


Hyung Bin says:

Did you go to Viet Nam?

Pulseframe says:

hahaha nice video! I liked the idea

alipunjabi93 says:

<-- best hunter eu

Viepex says:

best carry EU

Renee Gillett says:

Venice and Rome

Shablos says:

Very cool!

lincoln kerr says:

aWESome video! cant wait to see more vids and more shows too

eIe says:

I really like this video. It is jolly and refreshing for some reason. Loved
the music too. Keep up the good work 🙂

Shelley Ham says:

It’s is BRILLIANT!!!

Mercedes Mackay says:

Awesome Wes!!!

Wes Barker says:

@Kelsey Shore thank you Kelsey! It took a long time and a TON of strange
looks LOL

Shelley Ham says:

LOVE THIS!!! Every time we see a playing card on the floor we think of you
and Hanoi Backpackers boozing tricks!!

Kelsey Shore says:

Wes this is incredible.

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