Travel the World Video: an Epic 80 Day Montage

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A dream come true. I’ve been wanting to travel the world since I was young. The idea of the unknown, the different, and the unexplored has always been an interest of mine. Travelling the world in 80 days was my opportunity to do just that; to push into some of the more daring adventures of our world, camera in hand. This video is a montage of my adventures over the past 3 months, and also a Thank You to everyone who supported me along the way. Thank you for the likes, comments and encouragement. This one goes out to all of you.

13 countries, 35 flights, and one amazing RTW experience that will stick with me forever. You’ll see pieces of some videos you’ve already seen me share (Cormorant fishing, Pandas, etc.) but has a lot of video of things that are still to come (Yantra Tattooing, Mt. Fuji…) Kick back and enjoy a highlight reel of some of the best memories of my 80 days with Cathay Pacific.


Best At Travel says:

Amazing video! So inspirational and makes us want to go out and travel the

Amazing Travel Videos says:

Travel the World Video: an Epic 80 Day Montage

TheSwedishTraveler says:

That looks amazing! how much did it cost to do it?
I would definitely do this at one point!

Hilarynicolee says:

I want to see the world so bad

MrJstone2000 says:

30 months can only be a maximum of 63 days #likemycommentifyouareocdtoo

JJ Johnson says:

anybody know where 4:02 is at? I’d love to go there

Nahuel Arbiza says:

4:09 where is that?

Karol Lewandowski says:

3:54 WOW

Travefy says:

Awesome. So jealous! Looks like an amazing experience!

tico lucas says:

i shed tears while watching, i love the surrounded by clouds part. I’m so
jealous..actually everyone is..

Andrew Lange says:

Congratulations on an epic journey, and thanks for sharing your trek with
the world!

Sinder Tamimi says:

Whats the backsound title on minute 3.30? so beautiful hindi raag, i really
need the song

Orbis Travel Club says:

Travel the World Video: an Epic 80 Day Montage
A montage of an epic 80 journey around the world!

Mark Rankovic says:

sick video… check out my edit of my trip to Croatia 

Orbis Travel Club says:

Travel the World Video: an Epic 80 Day Montage
A montage of an epic 80 journey around the world!

Nathan Yun says:

No offense, but all I see is Asia Asia Asia and Asia

Nicolai Graf says:

Hello Mike! A friend of mine and I are going on a journy around the world
in a few weeks, for about a year or longer… we are on low buget, do you
have any tipps for us? :)

Challenge365 says:

Cool video. How did you get Cathay to sponsor you by the way?

nerak estrada says:

WOW! I want also to travel all over the world to capture the beauty of

Sinder Tamimi says:

Good one

Rhys White says:

Asia is amazing to me and fascinates me, Never been outside if Europe and
it’s like a dream when you live in a boring place like England. I hope to
see more of Asia. Nathan Yun.

Colten Wilhoit says:

This video is awesome there are some really good shots. But the ine that
stood out the most to me was at 4:09. where is this? I need to go there.
Also, how would you suggest traveling tue world on a tight budget? If

Peyton Hume says:

This is amazing, I wish to travel the world one day soon! Don’t know how
I’m going to do it though 

MrMrkevin77 says:

Dood this is beautiful. I want to travel the world just as you did. I have
a strong desire to explore! 

Eziol Gold says:

I like how u showed the philippines first haha. Kewl vid

Łukasz Lewandowski says:

what is this place?? 4:10 ;))

Bowie Salvatore says:

Great video capt america

kolarungu says:

where is that. at 4:08

Gordon Attard says:

I could have saved you some money on all your trips.

fanadka impire says:

its only in asia, even part of asia, where the rest of the world.

FunforAlly says:

Does anyone know the song played

Carlos Eduardo Sandes Lima says:

Muito bom o video. Very good video.
I would have money to make this dream of traveling the world.
At least I’ve traveled to some neighboring countries
Sorry mistakes, do not speak and write well in English language.

dyingtotravel says:

Awesome. I plan on traveling for a year in august of this year!

Tredetion says:

Looks exiting!

Buzzards Bass says:

3 months in 4 minutes . . . yeah, okay

Hoàng Minh Nguyễn says:

What is the name of the song at middle of movie? and which camera did you
use for your journey?

Noel Ruane says:

Cool video, very inspiring! I myself am currently on a similar trip around
the world…. attempting to explore a different city every week. I’ve put
together a cheeky montage of photos from the last 7 months, hopefully it
can inspire a few of you to get out and see the world! This is part I:

Nicole Heker says:

This is absolutely inspiring. Is there a way that I could contact you to
ask you some questions?? It would be greatly appreciated.

Busynde says:

Is it possible to travel the world on foot? (Ofcourse including a boat to
pass oceans ect.)

Lewis Jackson says:

Thats a nice video you got! Great travels!

Ali Rauf Yürür says:

it is a viral video for cathay pacific airlines lol. So its fake not real

Chocobo Chip says:


DharmaLine Kft says:

Ti belevágnátok? 🙂
80 nap, 11 ország, 35 repülőút és rengeteg élmény.

Travel the World Video: an Epic 80 Day Montage

#utazas #vilagjaro #dharmaline

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