Travel the World Video: 80 days around the world

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Travel the World Video: 80 days around the world
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A dream come true. I’ve been wanting to travel the world since I was young. The idea of the unknown, the different, and the unexplored has always been an interest of mine. Travelling the world in 80 days was my opportunity to do just that; to push into some of the more daring adventures of our world, camera in hand. This video is a montage of my adventures over the past 3 months, and also a Thank You to everyone who supported me along the way. Thank you for the likes, comments and encouragement. This one goes out to all of you.

13 countries, 35 flights, and one amazing RTW experience that will stick with me forever. You’ll see pieces of some videos you’ve already seen me share (Cormorant fishing, Pandas, etc.) but has a lot of video of things that are still to come (Yantra Tattooing, Mt. Fuji…) Kick back and enjoy a highlight reel of some of the best memories of my 80 days with Cathay Pacific
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