TRAVEL! Nightcore Gaming MIX 2014 [1H]

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The songs I like to hear when going to school!
I hope you gonna enjoy it!
OVER 70,000 view, big thanks to you boys and girls!

[00:00:00] Around the World
[00:02:36] Be With You
[00:06:06] Call On Me
[00:12:14] Coulours of the rainbow
[00:15:50] DotA
[00:18:10] Fallen Angels
[00:20:59] Flying High
[00:23:51] God Is A Girl
[00:27:32] Holiday
[00:30:35] I walk alone
[00:33:16] If I Die Young
[00:36:53] I’m a Raver
[00:39:38] Jump Jump
[00:42:19] Make A Move
[00:44:50] Ravers Fantasy
[00:51:17] Solo Tu
[00:54:13] This War Is Ours
[00:57:52] Skater boy
[01:00:40] You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid


Thanks for the original creators for this amazing pictures and songs. Of course all rights belongs to you. This MIX only made for entertaining purpose.


SoulPhoenix says:

Many of you have asked the pictures, so here they are!(link under the
songs) 😀 2 missing I can’t find them :(

Sothen says:

This is a great mix, but, could you write the original creators of the

Tim Hemel says:

I love this mix of the songs you made! These songs are really great, and
I’ve never heard any of them before (almost). This video deserves much more
views + likes, because this is the first good playlist i’ve ever
seen/heard! And you don’t even use a boobs picture!:D This is too good to
be true<3 Gunna share it with everyone I know, this shit needs to get to
the top :3

SpartnNightcore says:

i like it! so many songs! more than me :(

Karaer Sema says:

Wow ! That mix thanks Man ! ;)

Claudia Cruz says:


giannis karagiannidis says:

17:58 The School Of the Dead… <3


Cool, dude

Evil neko knight says:

I know right!

Equal says:

I loved the 1st song so smoth 

Christopher Prosser says:

girl u mean

郭家維 says:

what is the picture in
[00:20:59] Flying High

Arnau Salceda Redondo says:

3 divisions up by listening this mix while playing..!! GG WP

x Riizo says:

You got a link to all the pictures used.?

Jacob Laride says:

i like it

Vinyl Scratch says:

Rainbow Dash !!!Last mucis

Deseus Cyrus says:

Dat Angel girl is KAWAIIIII~~~

Yeasmin Khanam says:

i luv the third song the one whos a soldier 

Kristjan Medja says:

I’m loving it!

Bahne Ingwersen says:

nice ;-)

owen hughes says:

Number 5 and 6 Good

The Erdoul says:

I hear it for sleeping Thats awesome thanks man ! 

Jacob Laride says:

33:27 Is that the bestest for gaming??

giannis karagiannidis says:

21:14 the photo ,where is it from ???

Atticus Productions says:

Love your mix! I got through 3 rounds of sky wars in minecraft thanks to
the mix :3 (won all 3 times)

Romasin says:

ironically im listening to it in school in my computer class

SweetGuitar Melody says:

I love songs no matter what…even if i hate it i like it.

Brandon Cardinal says:

holy shit DotA gives me the real feels

eekasheep says:

League of Legends !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Night Core says:

54:50 im gonna dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!!!!!!! my ears are bursting open!!!

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