Travel India on $10 a day! Budget Travel Tips & Tricks

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In this video I document my expenses during one day in India, and show that you can travel there incredibly cheap!
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. See more below.

Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of “Following My Thumb”, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.

Thanks a lot for watching, and safe journeys!

Travel India on $10 a day! Budget Travel Tips & Tricks


Suniti Singh says:

I see lone backpackers and i wonder as to how strong does one have to be to
travel to a completely alien place all by oneself just for the heck of
exploring a different place? It must be so tiring not just physically but
emotionally as well. I feel like going up to them and offering them a
helping hand..but it would probably creep them out. lol

Rebecca Bachar DANCE ISADORA DUNCAN Dancer Teacher says:

Goin 2 kerala n couple weeks…any ideas?

David Perry says:

I watched this video whilst looking for places in the world you could
travel for cheap, since then I spent a life changing 3 and a half months
travelling across India, 21 cities, including Rishikesh, several evenings
in Little Buddha cafe with great people and I hope to return one day. So
thank you for the inspiration, I still remember the day I watched this and
since then Iv never looked back :)

Patricia Scotman says:

Loving your videos! Definitely subscribed and keep up the good work! It’s

TheSpritz0 says:

I stayed in Chennai at a “Vegetarian Hotel” and had one meal a day (all you
can eat rice and vegetable curry served on a banana leaf) that’s how you
I couldn’t have been happier!

inorom88 says:

Hey mate love the video’s keep up the good work. I’m taking off to india in
a weeks time for the first time going to swing past nepal as well, just
wonder are the costs of nepal about the same as india?.. 

Rebecca Bachar DANCE ISADORA DUNCAN Dancer Teacher says:

goin 4 auryvedic treatment first then hopin 2 volunteer somehow somewhere?

Wes Cosby says:

Hey great video! Im just curious about the conditions of Rishikesh during
June and July. Thanks!

mjordan233 JM says:

in India, the McChicken at McDonalds is less than $1:50 :’D

valerie robles says:

Title should be how to survive with $10 per day cuz that aint livin
buddy….lol….but i get it tho!!! 

fromchopin says:

Id love to drop acid in India. Problem is, I wouldn’t know where to get any
once I was there & there’s no way I’d attempt to bring anything through the
airport in the US :/

Rebecca Bachar DANCE ISADORA DUNCAN Dancer Teacher says:


Jasmine S says:

Tourists are wholeheartedly welcome…women arent as unsafe as
portrayed…its just dat u need to be alert and careful….dont night
travel….dont go alone in deserted places…and preferably wear indian
dresses if u can…

Nyhus says:

Im flying to India in January and was wondering how low cost i could keep
my one month trip. This seems pretty promising!

India looks beautiful! 

Supa Nova says:

Hey, do you so called ‘travelers’ in India ever make any effort to interact
with local Indians, or do you just hang out in restaurants and cafes with
other westerners, eating banana pancakes? Its sad really.

asad puthiyaveetil says:

150 rupees for a hoto5 room? I seriously doubt it. The average price is
somewhere between 500 -600!! This chap is providing fake information jus to
amaze people

Jobin John says:

nice well explained traveller..

steve happ says:

excellent. that room likes like the one i had in the 80’s right next to the
hanuman temple. It has become a lot more touristy it seems. thanks for the
info. :)

Kamil Bigda says:

Thanks for making this video. Few years ago I backpacked through India on a
$5-6 day budget and that included rikshas, hotels, and food. The $3/day for
hotel sounds about right (although I paid $2 back then), $2 for breakfast?
… yes if you want to have an American style breakfast which I saw lots of
tourists were doing (to my surprise), but 50 cents or less if you go to
local restaurants or buy street food (both choices are delicious btw.). A
general rule of thumb is that whenever you don’t see a menu clearly showing
food prices first watch how much others are paying before you jump in.
Otherwise you may be charged 2-3X more just for being a tourist. About
transportation … take local buses and you’ll not only have a thrilling
experience but get to places a lot cheaper (caution: this way of travel is
not for everyone). In regards to rikshas, go to few drivers and ask how
much it costs to get to a certain place and get a general idea of what they
say before you go with one of them. It may save you hundreds of rupees.
Trains … the lower class ticket is not that bad and you can meet a lot of
interesting people that way, just make sure you have a chain with a lock to
protect your belongings. When asking for directions I found local police
and kids (especially kids) a much more reliable source than riksha drivers
or random folks on the street.

KICK Azzz says:

i can save u guys 10 dollar as well, sleep in railway platforms in india,
lot of money u can save..

david mehta says:

I’m amazed you found a hotel room for 160 rupees a night.This seems way too
low.When was this video made?

Seth Strimas-Mackey says:

Thanks so much, what an awesome video. I’ll be in India in less than a year
and it’s great to know I can do it on a super low budget! street food here
I come…

Himanshu Sharma says:

It really depends where you are going and in which season. The price also
depends on your preferences. I am from India living in Canada. Whenever I
go to India, I never found hotel room cheaper than 700-1000 Rupees. To get
cheaper place you really need to compromise. 

Sakthivel Ganesan says:

Rishikesh before the floods…

You Are Not Thy Mind You Are Whole And Perfect NOW says:

Gabe are you in India Now? The International Yoga Festival is coming. More
important really really appreciate your help! Sat Nam

Mattias Haeger says:

I really enjoy all your videos. Good job, keep it up. 

Wollwert Frederick says:


parag pal says:

Prices of the rooms differ from season to season 🙂 when it is winters
prices are low as tourist are less

mrbazzzzzzzzzinga says:

cost of living must be cheap but not anymore that much down. I doubt it I
checked online on chandigarh most restaurants are like 600 Rs to 1000 Rs 1
time =$10-$20 about same as much we spend in US. Mcdonald must be cheap
their as its not beef with potatoes and chicken. But their are quite
epxiensive thigns too.

Derek K Payne says:

Traveling just for two weeks with my family (2 young boys 7 -9 ) in October
this years. Landing in Delhi traveling to Agra and then on to Varanasi.
Just wondering if you might share traveling ideas, things like, cheap
clean places to stay, best way to travel (train or car), anything
particular you might suggest.

Thanks for the vid…. happy travelling

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