Travel: Aruba-Honeymoon Trip Around the Island [RichardStep]

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Close BLOG POST: My wife and I went on our honeymoon travel trip to Aruba a few years back (2006) and man-oh-man was it beautiful! We went all around the island. Starting at Queen Beatrix International Airport, of course. The La Cabana Beach Resort was our home for the week, between Eagle and Palm Beaches. I would say it was decent, but I am glad there was a ton to do outside of those 4 walls! 🙂 We rented a car and drove all around – we stopped by / through: – the California Lighthouse – Arikok National Park (not sure it was a declared park then) – The Tunnel of Love (lol… roaches and bats… but cool!) – Guadarikiri caves – Natural Bridge (the big one was collapsed when we were there) – Indian Rock Paintings – Baby Beach – Valero Oil Refinery (so out of place!) – Santa Cruz, Paradera, Oranjestad, Noord – Gold Mine Ruins – and almost every beach in-between! The weather was almost always windy, 81 [degrees F], sunny, and not a drop of rain or bad weather. Absolutely beautiful. Hopefully, our 88 pictures of some places we saw capture some of this awesome place. Can’t wait to go back!


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