Travel Around the World v2

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6 months traveling from Kyoto to Montreal, by train, ferry, freighter, donkey, plane, motorcycle and foot. More info and footage at


locok07 says:

hello….i am from greece.and i had this idea i have the same dream..,i
searched and i found the first video and now the second.i am 20 and i am
working to earn money…i hope to leave in about a year.but i cant decide
the route,its better to go east that is cheaper?please give me some advice
about how to organise it… i am breathing for traveling…i also leaved
for 5 monts in spain in granada.respect from athens.i close my eyes and i
see the journey.

Lance Balzart says:

this is Great.

exitnotebook says:

Hey, that’s great that you’re planning on making the journey. As to the
route? I was in Asia and wanted to explore different ways people could
travel sustainably with less impact on the environment. I was also planning
to go to Egypt and ended up making a documentary there on youth employment.
Doing some conservation or development work somewhere in the world around a
cause you’re passionate about can give your trip a focus and help you
decide where to go.

Daniel Pena says:

stunning, this inspires me to travel! how much did all of this cost?

exitnotebook says:

it’s not that expensive at all, especially considering the amount of time
you can spend staying in each place. to travel the entire northern
hemisphere, over the course of a couple of months, spending long periods of
time in cheap countries, you can easily do it for a couple grand.

exitnotebook says:


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