Travel Around the World in 80 Jobs – Adecco’s Banned Video

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Adecco, in an effort to hide the legitimate concerns of the internet public, banned this video from their YouTube page earlier today. #80jobs #makeitright

Work your way around the world. Join the competition now.



Heavenly Scented says:

wow, just wow….

Boy-Cry-Wolf says:


Mike Hinshaw says:

Its back up again. Please let them know thievery is not acceptable! This is
the most blatant act of plagerism I have ever seen!

XRozelX says:

Thank you for posting this! Sorry for the thumbs down on it, I didn’t
noticed you uploaded it to keep people informed of this horrible thing.
Think of the thumbs down as disagreeing with the video, not disagreeing
with you 😛

monsterrancher1 says:

Adecco what mean thing to do. shame.

Mike Hinshaw says:

The most blantant act of plagerism I have ever seen! #MakeItRight #Adecco!

pandatoobing says:

that posh c+*t probably doesn’t need a job.

Michael Harvey says:

I wrote a haiku: Why adecco sucks Fuck you, you mother fucking Stealing
cock suckers

Bjørn Madsen says:

Shame on Adecco. It’s time for you to call Turner Barr.

Kyle Daly says:

Thats werid there website is down

The Fear Channel says:

Way to steal someone elses idea.

影月 零 says:

When I first heard Adecco ripped off the Around the World in 80 Jobs idea I
suspected coincidence. But watching this video makes it clear they
absolutely totally and completely ripped it off as a marketing scheme.
Adecco, I hope you get the shit sued out of you. You could have reached out
and made a legitimate partnership but you chose to be fucking shit bags.
Fuck you.

影月 零 says:

THIS! They could have made this into such a positive opportunity that could
have been beneficial to Barr and themselves and really open up the concept.
Not only did they rip off the idea they flat out ripped off the image, the
style, everything. This is flat out unforgivable.

ryanhaart says:

Ideas are not legally protected, so there is no such thing as “stealing an
idea” and rightly so. Imagine only Ford could make cars or only Coca Cola
could sell cola or only Microsoft could make operating systems.

Suzy Vegas says:

DONT STEAL from the creatives you are pretending to help – Corporate SCUM

Havva Kahraman says:

ideas are called intellectual property and they ARE legally protected in
USA. in this case, it is not just an idea. Turner Barr is running a blog
called aroundtheworldin80jobs in which he goes to different countries and
work in different jobs and write and talks about his experiences. you can
make and sell cola but you cannot call it coca cola and say you initiated

sepherothic says:

Fuckin adecco scumbags.

Naughty Nimitz says:

I am scrapping Adecco as a supplier of short-term job applicants. I do not
approve of their business ethics. And don’t blame it on the external
marketing partner: you MUST have known!

cupjay says:

whoa, cowboy. remember: folks get busted for doing ion cannon denial of
service attacks; feds get your IP addr. # BE CAREFUL OUT THERE !

gui fingers says:

Hey Adecco, meet Barbara… You prove that you steal ideas just as easily
as you steal peoples wages.

Patricio Rodriguez says:

Im not gonna be original, so FUCK ADECCO.

Bruce Murray says:

The Video they “Borrowed” from CNBC at the start of this video show Mark
Haines RIP and Erin Burnett. Mark Died in May of 2011, Erin left CNBC that
same month. I guess they figured that they could use the video because
neither is on CNBC anymore. Mark was a talented anchor on CNBC and knew his


Adecco, you are thieves. You stole this concept from Turner Barr — do you
really imagine no-one knows this? Do you think your brand will be enhanced
by hijacking another person’s work? Shame on you.

Nick Manchev says:

Thumbs down for the thieves who stole this video concept from Turner Barr!

SithicusPL says:

Adecco, you fucking cunts.

vince geisler says:

Reposition low orbit ion cannons Target fire at will.

Juksemakeren says:

Fuck Adecco.

KevinFromNYC says:

Fuck Adecco!

Picobyte says:

Those lowlife Adecco bastards are worse than politicians and lawyers
combined. Actually there are country’s where they would have been shot for
this act of theft.

leszzzzzzsaxo says:

Adecco sucks

X.A. Smith says:

You are common thieves! You are digging your own corporate graves.

Christian Verlier says:

Adecco, you are assholes, I hope everybody involved with this fucking dies
and goes to hell

grokgov says:

fucking awful

Shanghai says:

Great idea, too bad it’s stolen rather than approaching the inventor of the
concept for permission and collaboration.

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