TRAVEL: Around the World (Help me pick my destinations)

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Ok, so im finnaly going on long awaited journey, a trip around the world. Date will be from January 2014,February,March,April and finaly ending travel in late May 2014! Now, i need places – destinations that are breath-taking, if you know any amazing (heaven on earth) send me pm, leave comment. So far places i consider are Zanzibar,Bali,Maldives,Gran Canare, but also some more closer places such as Paris,London,Barcelona,Istanbul,Marroco, but if u know for some other deals for some maybe less known but even better places to visit, tell me please. It will be long journey, with air,sea,car and other transports but it’s something i was waiting to do for so long time now. For my lotro friends, dont worry, ill be playing, not as often but ill be playing and kicking pvp 🙂


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