Travel around the world, forty countries, six continents

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In 2012, I started my trip to travel around the world.
Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Antarctica.
Forty countires

Without great editing, this is a simply personal memory for recording my first world tour. Maybe, there will be a second time. haha

In these months, there are several things to be specially marked down.

1) Have been to Great Pyramid and all seven wonders in the world
2) Have been to Amazon Jungle
3) Have been to the largest salt flat, Uyuni
4) Have been to the Easter Island
.到過Easter Island
5) Have been to Galapagos Islands
.到過Galapagos Islands
6) Have been to Antarctica, saw wild penguins, Jumped into freezing ocean
7) Have been to snow mountain in Swizterland and tasted its snow
8) Traveled three months in Europe
9) Experienced the Rio carnival and its madness
10) Stayed with 60 different familes all over the world
11) Slept in the desert
12) Did Camping next to Glacier
13) Swam in the Dead Sea
14) Experienced sky diving
15) Did scuba diving in cenotes
16) Swam and Dived with sea lions, turtle, sharks and raies in caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean
17) Tried Canopy and the highest Tarzan swing
.玩過Zip lining Canopy,Tarzan swing
18) Tried rafting
19) Entered a working mine
20) Tired volcano, sand and snow boarding
21) Slept in airport, terminals, train stations and parks
22) Never cut my hair for a year
23) Refused from entering in front of a border
24) Falsely accused of carrying drugs

And, this little movie was inspired by Christoph. Thank you so much.


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Great – Thanks !

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Awesome! ! How you do it? And how much you saved? 

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