Travel advice: Maxpedition® EDC Tactical Toiletry Bag for on the go around the world

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Close For carry on luggage toiletries makes an excellent EDC for all your toiletry products. Maxpedition® travel bags and travel accessories work together while on the go, domestic or international. Light carry ons, ID carriers, duffel bags, tactical luggage. To get more information on the gear and EDC products featured in this video or to make a purchase please visit the links below:

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alzathoth says:

yep. make sure you look ‘tacticool’ in the shower. silly.

doublegit says:

Like the bag alot, future purchase.

hoverluver says:

Great review/demo. I am retiring my 13 yr old Cabela’s toiletry bag for
this one. Another great piece of gear

Nick Hentschel says:

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while.

mob6getsome says:

I’m getting this ASAP!!!

therianstrauss says:

This would make a nice first aid organiser as well.

fnscooter says:

Disappointed that Rick didn’t model it at the end. 😛

RiseFromTheConcrete says:

tell SOOTCH00 to pick me

ken crockett says:

Very thoughtful!

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