Tour the States – Official Music Video

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Full album & lyrics:
Music by Renald Francoeur, Drawing by Craighton Berman, Video by Don Markus, Video Editor Brad Taylor.

“Tour the States” is track #1 from Brain Beats – the mnemonic CD that features 14 brilliantly catchy songs to help you remember things you’ve always wanted to learn, but couldn’t.

Want the map in the video? It’s here! Visit to get your copy today.

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easy money sniper haji says:

It’s a nice song and the guy is a good drawer

Vanessa Castillo says:

I WANNA TAKE A LITTLE SHIT SOMEWHERE ……..xD me and my friends where
busting up when I came up with this

James Iaconelli says:

In 5th grade, everyone was jamming to this. I still watch it and I’m in 6th
grade. This song is cool

Rachel Carter says:

I have a test tomorrow about the 50 states and were they go and this all
ways seems to help…really help 

Samone Crumpton says:

I listen to this in class 

lovely jackson says:


wolfdino7 says:

when i go to the USA i want to tour all the state. i love the USA!

Go Jaw says:

MARYLAND! I’M FROM CANADA BUT I LOVE MARYLAND. if you guys don’t know why,
it’s because a rapper called Logic came from there. West Deer Park

Jammer AJ says:

Omg everytime we go to science in the afternoon, our science teacher plays
us this song. everybody is all like I WANT TO TAKE A LITTLE TRIP SOMEWHERE!
and then at the end when the usa is being pulled out so you can see all of
it, my class pretends that their pulling it out xD

Madelin Alvarado says:

I love you gays you sing grate

kylie lima says:

yes Oregon is the beaver state but we should also be known for our football

Oscar the raptors fan Martinez says:

Studing for my sa on monday im mexicon sorry for my writing

Sandtdman1 says:

InceediBle paintings!

Moesha ArianaGfan says:

This song makes me remember the capitals sometimes i forget them

Shannon Laney says:

Like Kylie below said really Oregon should be represented by the ducks
football team not a beaver but still an AMAZING!!! song

uchechuku chukwudinma says:


Ron Ramler says:

great song helps me with test coming up

Sammi Le says:

This song is the BEST! So perf! This will help me with my state and capital
test! Thx! I just need to remember this whole song by heart! 

Amy Keary says:


Joshua Frizell says:

Amazing! Loved it!

North Kratt says:

i love this

Kimani Frasier says:

This is my jam I listen to this all the time and my mom is like wtf stop
listening to this stupid song I’m like we’ll it’s my jam

Lawrence Park says:

The drawing is amazing!

kesley crider says:

I have a parcc test in history on the 50states but only my ela teacher
playes this song

Neil Robinson says:

I live in salem ^~^

Lollipop swag says:

My teacher showed this to me now I love xD

Laramy Tournear says:

as soon as my ex had me wach this i thot to my self pleez i would rather
have my dick choped off with a chane saw then here that shit it suckt so
fuckin bad are kids are lerning states thru fucking rap man what god dam
retard thot of that 

Saniyha Lopez says:

We always use to listen to this in class f

Arla Alexander says:

You are truly gifted!!!! Glad I happened upon this video. We are using it
in our homeschool geography class!

MelvinWren says:

whats with the foot next to north carolina?

Kristan Cobb says:

Austinite here! I want to visit every other Capitol city in America

WaSabby M says:

This brings up 4 grade memories

Beth Rebholz says:

I LOVE this song

Mario Man says:

You should of done gonna see Bismarck North Dakota and Phoenix arizonaaa 

Football lover go gators says:

Year in third grade my teacher would play this and we needed to learn the
states so we were all like I wanna take a little trip somewhere yeah places
I’ve never been yeah going on a tour without a care yeah! Love this song
it’s catchy. 

Doua Moua says:

Every day I go to my friends and I hear this song I LOVE this song
And haters u can just go to hell

Joseph Lucas says:

my son has a test tomorrow and i think this good for him

Lulu Akopyan says:


Keliann Nash says:

lets see if the people watching this are from every state in the states.
comment on this comment w/ your home state. (if yours is already taken,
just like there’s)

Max Kider says:

I cheated with this song on my test I used headphones to cheat I got an A+

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