Tour of ZIPOLITE, MEXICO! Beach Paradise on the Pacific

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A tour around the beautiful beach and cool scene at Zipolite on the Pacific Ocean of Oaxaca State, Mexico.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. See more below.

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Tour of ZIPOLITE, MEXICO! Beach Paradise on the Pacific


Mads Olsen says:

Hey Gabriel

It seems alot like Goa or is it just me?

frenchorchidea says:

Nothing’s better than a pretty secret tiny little beach to share with no
one but yourself 🙂 This Zipolite place is so beautiful, really! Thank you
so much for sharing this with us, it makes my day so much better when I
watch this kind of videos!
PS: you have an awesome smile! You seem to be a happy person 🙂 That’s nice
to see!

Azara Moon says:

Its a good idea,when travelling to have a regular aromatherapy or indian
head massage.This boosts the immune system, and keeps you connected.Try it!
Im a qualified Aromatherapist/swedish massage therapist—- cant recommend
it enough!

Dan Schlinz says:

Wish I was there with you my friend!

Jan Solarik says:

More this similar videos Gabriel

Hansel Jensen says:

Gee! The tablecloths are still red !!!

Gezen Adam says:

I liked it very much.

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