Tour of a hippie spiritual beach resort in Zipolite, Mexico (Shambhala)

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A tour of Shambhala spiritual retreat resort on the beach at Zipolite, Mexico.
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Tour of a hippie spiritual beach resort in Zipolite, Mexico (Shambhala)


jim blim says:

Hey Gabriel,great vid as ever,the place looks cooler than the other side of
the pillow & I want homemade lemonade now! :0) . Inspired in no small part
by your earlier vids & @ the ripe old age of 47 I’ve actually got my shit
together-Tickets booked,jabs done,Visa received & I fly out of Heathrow
with Jet Airways in about ten days for Delhi & a three month adventure in
India,my first time! I’ve a 90 day IndRail ticket,sleeper class,I’m gonna
spend three nights based in Paharganj then off on the overnight train to
Varanasi for a week or so,then maybe rigid itinerary-jus
gonna head where the mood takes me- I wanted to thank you for planting the
seed in my brain that will hopefully grow into an awesome odyssey,heh heh-.
I cannot *wait* and I’m so excited I could *pop*

culturehorse says:

Interesting deserted corner of Mexicana; very nice tour. But, no Wifi? whoa
-non negotiable ;)

TheRoot Message says:

17 bucks a night for a beach stay… Jeesh. Here in cali it’s 30 bucks a
night and bring your own tent lol, and sleep amongst a few other hundred

tejano151 says:

ive been there during the summer months when its lush green, but still very
beautiful part of mexico.

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