Top 10 lessons learned in travelling the world 10 years

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Today is my TEN YEAR travel anniversary! To celebrate, I made this video to gather some of my best travel footage, while sharing the top lessons I’ve learned in the last decade on the road.

Here are the lessons one by one:
1. Happiness has no price tag
2. Be an imperfectionist
3. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone
4. The world owes you nothing
5. Get busy living
6. Every single person is fascinating and can teach you something
7. It’s OK to say “I was wrong”
8. The present is what really matters.
9. Be generous and kind to others
10. We’re all making it up as we go

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DownFlex says:

It is so inspiring but yet so risky. I also want to travel the world, but
dont have the guts to do it 24/7. Wow, I really understand now, what a
great person you are, and yes I am buttering you up so badly it isnt funny
anymore. 😀 But its true tho… Yet I dont really understand 1:24 and I am
curious, what do you mean by that? :D

farah haddad says:

You are so lucky…i wish am like u…free…and out going..i like
adventures like u…am young,,healthy,,,and athletic….with money and
sence of humor.but i have just married…and burried my dreams,,And
madness…my husband is so strict…would not accept adventure….

Kat ♡'s Osaka says:

I agree with everything, as I have learned this myself.
I have only got back February of last year, but been gone since 2009…
well exception for a couple months I was back home for a visit.
You will learn this yourself if your openminded to change who you are
to match the country you are in 🙂

BTW? Lesson #2 was that shot in The Canadiana in Toronto?

TheSwedishTraveler says:

which makes me think: “the things worth having, are worth fighting for!”

COOLifeDesign says:

One of the best videos you’ve ever made IMO.
Great points and energy.

Paige Gill says:

This is such an inspiring video. All I want to do in my life is travel the
world, meet new people, learn different cultures and see many variations of
life. I hope I can accomplish this one day.

DaCamponTwee says:

Number 10 is the only one I found helpful. The others seem so trivial. 

UberPossu says:

Why am I writing this stupid message?
I really want to travel. I aint one of those who get a new dream every,
week, or month, or even year. This has been a long dream, almost half of my
life. Any tips, for when I would go for it?*
*=this text was originally before the following stupid text. If you want,
you can read it, and see if I could do it out there

I taught it was impossible to travel the world, until I just accidentally
found this guy. I didn’t know there were people travelling around the globe.
It has been a long dream to just wander the earth, without home nor
I never even wanted to sleep in a 5 star hotel, or eat the most expensive
luxury foods, I am not those people who need lots of expensive stuff all
the time to be happy, I’ve had this 50€ used guitar for a bit over 1½ a
year (one of my more recent purchases), and it still rocks. The small
things, like the Yogscast funny song going on the backroung while writing
this, make me *really* happy.
I want to take my guitar, and travel, see wildlife, see cultures. I am just
18 tho, so school, and can’t leave yet, but when ever I could I would.

vanefreja86 says:

Truly inspirational! My love of travel have so far made me live in Norway
and England for 9 and 6 months. I’m now in Wales for a year….Unfotunately
i’m also homesick…so i’m not sure i could do what you do..travelling
constantly..but i sure wan’t to travel as much as possible….have always
wanted to learn Italian…maybe i should go there:)

Dutchified says:

What an inspiring video. Well done. I do travel videos too, but from a much
more conservative vantage point. This is great. 

Antoine Turgeon says:

Thanks man for sharing with us what you’ve learned. It just gives me more
inspiraton to travel (and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling
that). Can’t wait to go to Southeast Asia this summer. Keep having heaps of
fun bro. :D

Stefan Malic says:

Oh crap, now I want a fez. In the words of Matt Smith: “I like fezes, Fezes
are cool”.

Charbel Haddad says:

nice. most people wouldn’t have the guts to do what this guy did. myself

Peter Greenall says:

Excellent video

Ramlan Ramdani says:

thanks benny, i will try..great inspire!

mohammed talib says:

hello , I am from Iraq ,I want to learn English language by talking
together via Skype
can you help me , also i will teach you arabic language
thank you
skype name : mohammed.talib44

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Rafael Lopez says:

Wish I could b like u.. Only thing stopping me is I’m afraid to leave my
comfort zone!

MrEarthdude says:

You learn all these great things in life… then…. you die… great
video by the way

Victor Romain says:

What a wonderfully inspirational video and person. 

CeleBait says:

His positivity would annoy the fuck out of me.

FirstName LastName says:

I wish that life was so simple. It would be an inspiring video if you had a
little more reality in it. With a few things I do agree though. God bless
you. Life is not so simple. Best of luck in your travels. Remember God.

galho96 says:

Very nice. Sounded sincere! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Pedro DaSiva says:

Muchisimas gracias, Benny. The world would be a better place were we ll try
to use these lessons well.

Yurika Lily says:

I’m so glad that I found you on Ted talks!:)
Thank you so much!

Pauline Kolesnikova says:

Massive thanks for the video, Benny!

RyanGiggsOBE says:

how did you afford all these trips, and especially that special edition
Asus laptop

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