Top 10 Amazing Places On Earth You Won’t Believe Are Real

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The world is home to some truly surreal places that we must experience first-hand to believe its authenticity. We take a look at the top 10 amazing places on earth you won’t believe are real!

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Top10Media says:

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Thinking Aloud says:

I thank God in Jesus name, for such wonders!

RealRainbowRapidash says:

You have such a great documentary voice. I can imagine myself on the couch,
watching a documentary on polar bears or something, with your voice

RavenPrecept says:

How can scientists not know what makes the lake pink? Surely someone would
be curious enough to find out by now?

Dezzarae O-B-HAY-VE says:

Ok I want to know just how you could know that somethings billions or
millions of years old?? it doesn’t make sense! you cant just say that ice
crystals been forming for half a million years or what ever? was anyone
there to see it start forming? um no! 

Nickolas Zuliy says:

i’m just waiting for someone to say “how can that rock be billions of years
old if there is only 2015 years?”.

Dante Zazueta says:

The crystal caverns can reach up to 112°F? Please. Thats an average summer
afternoon in Arizona. 

Top10Media says:

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shanadhi jayasinghe says:

3:35 who else saw the person? (i know, lame)

GamersXnostalgia says:

very…. very…. alien… *whispers more into your ear*

Futuwa AJ says:

3:46 he says it makes it nearly impossible to climb that mountain, then
come one how there is that man over the mountain

kyoupph says:

what a natural and wonderful view God made for my eyes…..

israel ankerson says:

The world is only about 6000 years old and most of those structures
including the Grand Canyon were created in the flood of Noah and the Big
Bang Theory is a bunch of baloney do you think we were created by a big
boom or the God of the heavens besides even if the Big Bang Theory was real
it would practically be the same like if there was parts to a brand new car
spread around an explosion went off do you think it would make a perfectly
good running car I don’t makes sense right.

Top10Media says:

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PirateGames says:

how can that rock be billions of years old if there is only 2015 years?

HQDefault says:

10: Well, the black sea has such a high salt content that you literally
can’t sink, so, this isn’t too far off
9: Eh, if you showed a picture of way up, looking down at the dune, then
this wouldn’t be so crazy.
8: It’s cool, but really it’s the same as regular old mesas & plateaus,
just sideways, so I’m not too impressed.
7: This is pretty much the same analogy as number 10.
6: That looks plausible to me.
5: Well that’s pretty cool, but again, same as how I feel about 7 & 10
4: I personally was wondering what was so special here.
3: Okay, that’s honestly pretty cool, but, quite a few of us have heard of
this before, or something like it, so we’re not that taken back.
2: It’s a cool coincidence. I personally don’t see this being implausible.

Top10Media says:

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Discofreestyle says:

Why does he keep saying things are billions of years old when the earth is
only 6000 years old? Stupid video.

Neil Roy says:

Millions of years ago… BILLIONS of years ago!! Ooooh… I know what
formed some of those mountains, the extreme gravity from the moon which
would have been touching earth only 1.5 billion years ago based on it’s
current orbit. These time frames are a load of hogwash!

TheeFirewoodGuy says:

Water will turn to blood. This is one of the many signs before the return
of Jesus Christ.

o-friction says:

Our Planet is well beautiful!

Mirko Kriskovic says:

South America is now a country?!?!?!?

Vivek Mishra says:

so amazing 

Judith Bluhm says:


Top10Media says:

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▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░KoolJake321░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂ says:

0:16 thought you were gunna say unlimited supply of peptobismol

nobodyshome says:

Not gunna lie, id love to dig a trench from lake hillier to the ocean XD

Izzabella Ringgenberg says:

Look how BEAUTIFUL the

jared starkweather says:

The mountains are awesome. I would love to see them.

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