Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist in Nature – New Wonders of the World – Amazing Places

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Mother Nature is beautiful and amazing because we can see many amazing places that you won’t believe actually exist. All these awesome places are real. It is hard to believe in that, but that is true. Enjoy these amazing views and unbelievable, incredible places.
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Enjoy these top new wonders of the world created by nature and some of the most amazing views and best travel places on Earth.

This cool video is a list of some of the new wonders of the world including some of the greatest views, the top places to travel, most inspiring beautiful places on Earth, and the greatest locations for site seeing.

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Discover these amazing places!
0:16 Volcanic lightning aka “dirty thunderstorms.”
0:25 Frozen air bubbles in Abraham Lake.
0:30 Underground natural springs in Mexico
0:35 Giant crystal cave in Nacia, Mexico.
0:41 Shimmering shores of Vaadhoo, Maldives.
0:45 Reflective salt flats in Bolivia.
0:50 Light pillars over Moscow.
0:55 Natural salt water fountain off the coast of Oregon.
1:01 Beautiful sandstone formations in Arizona.
1:05 Rainbow Eucalyptus trees in Kailua, Hawaii.
1:15 The Blood Falls in Antarctica.
1:20 Spiderweb cocooned trees in Pakistan.
1:30 Giant clouds over Beijing.
1:40 The underwater forest of Lake Kaindy.
1:50 Lake Hillier, Australia.

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Minds Eye Design says:

*If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is
where they should be. Now put foundations under them.*
-Henry David Thoreau

Faith Altman says:

Honestly I thought they would be better it’s not that I did not lie it but
I thought it would be better 

nadya benhamida says:

Superbes photos ,insolites avec belles prises de vue

Rachel X-Payne says:

Asa!!!!! Starting my day with the wonders of Allah!!!! this is beautiful

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Edson Osmar says:

Yay México!!

Syed Hussain says:

Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist in Nature – Wonders of the World:

Whisper K says:

Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist in Nature – Wonders of the World:

DarkPrincess 6 says:

Nature is simply amazing. 

nadya benhamida says:
nadya benhamida says:
Symeon Lazarov says:

why is it that religious freaks are always first to comment and involve god
in all videos concerning everything from natural sites to kittens with 3
heads? F**** stop already!

janaka Rodrigo says:

Very interesting
Wonderful collection

carz g says:

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful… Ahhhhhh, WTF with the Spider Web

ComMander0525 says:

the first thing that came across my mind when i saw the thumbnail is far
cry 3 

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PJ says:

Light pillars over Moscow is a natural phenomenon. It’s manmade.

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Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist in Nature – Wonders of the World (

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00:43 no

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Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist in Nature…:

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Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist in Nature – Wonders of the World:

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