The Most Terrifying Bridges In The World

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The scariest bridges to cross around the world.
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Bridges can be beautiful monuments to architectural genius that are also functional; allowing humans to travel from one place to another over large bodies of water or safely through jungles. But if you’re an adrenaline junkie that’s looking for something more or a person that has no fear of heights, these bridges are not only gorgeous, but slightly terrifying as well. Base Jumpers and hikers seek out these viaducts and bridges to give themselves a well-planned adrenaline rush. Would you travel to these bridges? Are you brave enough to jump from them?

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Kakum Canopy Walk – Ghana
Millau Viaduct – France
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge – Ireland
Langkawi Sky Bridge – Malaysia
Trift Bridge – Switzerland
Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Pakistan
Vitim River Bridge – Russia
Storseisundet – Norway
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway – Louisiana

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TheRichest says:

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haven’t already 🙂 Suggest a video topic below!

Alltime Conspiracies says:

And we thought the wobbly Millennium Bridge in London was scary! Great list

Tamo Daleko says:

Terrifying? You don’t even know what’s terrifying.

I spent half an hour listening to One Direction songs in a buss. I have
sleeping problems ever since.

FullPastel Opal says:

The ending tho did he committed suicide…?

Milsim Tac says:

That lake is pronounced pon-chur-train. My family member is from there

Emil Jay Buenviaje says:

I love this channel . Ilove that kind of video . Its so amazing . Keep it
on . 

The Anonymous Sexual Redditor says:

I’m surprised most of these are in developed countries.

Henrik Øhrn says:

I live like 25 Km away from storseisundet and its not terrifying at all..
Its just like a normal bridge accept its Amazing to Fish from 

Дядя Зевс says:

Почему ни одного нашего коммента в топе? Непорядок

Angel Gonzalez says:

I have the urge to ride a unicycling now. 

Soverbup HD says:


Jasmin Mc Laughlan says:

I’ve actually been on the first one

cathie b says:

This girl can’t pronounce The bridge In Louisiana 

DASH89ER says:

I live in Louisiana and Lake Ponchartrain is Long and scary. maybe a 20-30
minute drive.

GTdba says:

Never have I been so happy of keeping my feet on the ground!

Spinach Obliterater says:

:37 Text says 12th highest speaker says 127th..

Bob Jenkins says:

I don’t really consider the lake pontchartrain bridge scary. Of all the
times I’ve driven on it, not once have I been terrified

ThePilleroflightning says:

Nice video.

Sean Tomsett says:

You are not saying “Lake Pontchartrain” right 

Totty says:

the video’s thumbnail picture kinda misleading.. but anyway i think i know
that picture, its in Malaysia.. haha

Jetluffyq8 says:

I feel a little sick after watching this video.

feArCrolux says:

Am I the only Northern Irish person who cringes whenever Carrick-A-Rede
isn’t said the way it should… In our accent? ;)

Ryan Kirkpatrick says:

The carrick reed bridge is in Northern Ireland a province of the United
Kingdom there for it should of had the UK flag not the flag from the
Republic of Ireland 

StephenAndrew777 says:

How do you build something like that? Insanity.

xvr J says:

you forgot the bride from Shrek standing at 50 feet tall above a lava pool
and being suspended just from ropes and wooden planks

EveHorseGeek says:

Carrickarede is in Northern Ireland not ireland
Wrong flag used as Nis flag is white with a red diagonal cross

Sorry this really annoys me

Take5usa says:

Nah… The scariest bridge was the one from Shreck

Rebecca Williams says:

I’ve gone across the carrick – a – rede(it was terrifying 

Crumlin Kangaroos says:

lol at all the losers complaining that it’s Northern Ireland and not
Ireland. You lot are just gonna have to get used to it.

LPSparkles♥ says:

I don’t think you pronounced Ghana right I think it’s pronounced “ge-Hana”

Nareece Nolan says:

Carrick-a-Rede is in northern Ireland, not Ireland, they are two different
countries. Also its pronounced as it looks, or to break it down for you,
ca-rick-a-read. Next to no one gets a helicopter back because its a) a very
short walk across it b) not that high c) so awful smelling on the other
side that you want to go back to the mainland.
No hate intended, just pointing out the truth, and this isn’t coming from a
tourist who went there, its coming from a local

Emily Ericson says:

That’s definitely not how to pronounce Lake Ponchartrain lmao 

E-ratic unicorn says:

This is subject to opinion

terrence smith says:

It’s pronounced poncha- train

Bryan Hann says:

Like if your watching in 2015

devin buskop says:

I’m 55 viewer

La Dolce Vita says:

Carrickari lol Carr ick a Reid is the pronunciation. Our sex ed teacher
described losing your virginity to crossing this bridge in terms of Fear. I
took that class aged 12, I’m now 30 and honestly can’t make a comparison


Pakistan ?? why do talibans need bridge ? 

Cookie LaCookie says:

Can YOU reply

Joey Chris says:

I am 98 liker and 301 club

EveHorseGeek says:

On another note I’ve crossed carrickarede it’s pretty terrifying

byTrecz says:

I’m from Norway and I think it’s so funny when people see the Storseisundet
bridge as being one of the most terrifying bridges in the world, it’s a
regular bridge and thousands and thousands of cars cross it every day, me
myself crossed it today coming from my grandma in Averøy, the bridge isn’t
terrifying at all lol. But I can understand that people abroad may see it
as terrifying because they have never been on it, but still it’s so funny

Bryan Hann says:


Bryan Hann says:


Wonderology says:

Overtoun bridge- also known as the dog suicide bridge. Dogs, at a rate of
one a year, mysteriously leap off this bridge. Find out more about this on
our channel!

The King of the Koalas says:

divers or drivers?

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