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The inside story of Mark Beaumont’s extraordinary solo attempt to smash the Guinness World Record for cycling around the world.
In August 2007, 24 year-old Scot Mark Beaumont left Paris at the start of an 18,000 mile journey across four continents, one of the greatest endurance challenges ever attempted. Aiming to cover 100 miles a day, he faces the challenge of finding food and water while racing against the clock.
Crossing Europe, he battles with broken spokes, faces soaring temperatures and tackles the terrifying traffic of rush-hour Istanbul.


C 19 says:

First 9 days-and the bike is breaking all over-just goes to says that
expensive bikes are worthless .

Daniel Zajac says:

Very much enjoyed. Pity about the need to meet a record, though. I keep
thinking about all that was missed in the fog and hurry, the sites not
seen, the experiences not experienced. I think I’d forget the record, slow
down and drink it all in.

Dan McKay says:

Loving this, but does it weird anyone else out just a little bit to keep
hearing Malcom Tucker’s voice narrating? Keep expecting him to take a
verbal rip into Mark for no apparent reason at some point.

MongooseFreeRider says:

Damn i can only ride for 50kms in a day and have to rest my legs for two
days before i can ride again Then again i am riding a mountain bike which
is much heavier

Leggoeggo101 says:

moment i heard he was vegetarian… loved this even more

gabigowriel says:

*and he used a normal chain exposed to the fucking gritty elements like
sand,water and mud?!oh my GOD this guy has some courage!I would have used
AT LEAST an enclosed chain with that gear hub!maintenance in such a trip IS
A BITCH!I know it first hand since I’ve cycled almost daily in the last 21
years…The existence of shimano gear hubs or Rohlof gear hub along with
enclosed chain cases(Katz-Bike)or even belt driven transmission is a modern
bliss I MUST ADMIT IT!Never dreamed when I first pedaled my first russian
24″ wheel folding bicycle that I would be able to make many km on a bicycle
without having to lube and clean the chain transmission almost at all…but
this guy is to be admired INDEED!*

araz eghbal says:

Awesome trip around the world.

B.R.A.A.D says:

B.R.A.A.D is new boss of bike videos!Face this fact!

gabigowriel says:

*he didn’t choose properly!and I doubt he didn’t had the ca$h to buy what
he should have!I would have gone for a enclosed chain lubed with
teflon/ptfe or high concentration molybdenum disulphide or even a belt
drive transmission!Of course, braking will be done by DRUM BRAKE wich is
the most reliable and less exposed to water,grit or mud!*

HylomantisLemur says:


TheLondonCyclist says:

The guy’s a nutta! I like him :D

broesilov says:

Fuck can’t they use kilometers instead of miles. Retarted ststem compared
to metric system.

RobTheSamplist says:

gruelling challenge i love suffering on a bike but that just looks too

Mark Graham says:

Did he say “A ‘sprint’ from Lisbon to Paris”?

Marty Kane says:

Really should of choose a Long Haul Trucker.

Chuck Fuck1ng Norris says:

I did a 2hr ride and fucking loved it, so no real need to dick about going
round the world.

gabigowriel says:

BEST spokes are stainless steel DT!I wonder what his bike had!

Tao Guo says:

Mark, great job! Why didn’t you try noseless saddle? :)

Maxwell Winters says:

He really likes to take selfies … lol

gabigowriel says:


Darren Varley says:

love seeing this

po lo says:

can someone tell me the music on 26.40 please.

TheFixedgear666 says:
miao bau says:

this man is not a tripper is a atlet but have not the spirt of a triper the
thing that he did is only for the cronometer not for him expiriens

Bob Nob says:

I want to bike across the USA

Mark G says:

Hard Core

Виталий Шишкевич says:

Я впечатлён!!! Что сказать мне такого ни когда наверное не сделать.

mollymarley says:

simple bike is the best for long haul

Nickolas Berdzenishvili says:


Oleksandr Pryimachuk says:
juan luis rodriguez says:
Jermaigne Sadie says:

such a great adventure, would love to try it with todays technology!

jonlong42 says:

Read the book, its fucking amazing !!

peter bernaert says:

thank you so much to upload this! !

MrTwistyface says:

Thanks for posting this series – I really enjoyed watching it!

D. P. Davies says:

Interesting to watch his adventures.

easthantsXC says:

Absolutely brilliant. Don’t know how I missed this when it was TV. I bought
Marks book recently, captivating from the first turn of the pedal. What an

UrbanSurviving says:

Hahaha Russian here! Welcome to Ukraine- XVII century.

Matt Bradbury says:

Rohloff hub…

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