The Difference In Beauty Standards Around The World Is Mesmerizing

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Esther Honig’s single self-portrait became a mosaic of “the perfect woman” as seen in vastly different cultures.


Kell Smurthwaite says:

She’s beautiful as she is – natural.

Arnold Pain says:

I wouldve just sent her the picture back unedited, because she is already beautiful.

Medusa says:

The US one looked like the photoshoppers were totally taking the p*ss! If they seriously thought that that made her more beautiful then they are barking! Most of them did not use loads of make up and I thought looked nice. All the ones with lots of make up looked worse. A very interesting project.

Susan Fong says:

What about China, Japan, and Korea? The three countries will render very different images and it will be very interesting! It will be good if they can do one on a man too! The American man will have a strong jaw?

KH2014 says:

Interesting to see how infantilised the US version is.

Bobby Jones says:

The original is the best, and by far. The others just removed all of the things that give a face character. It is just like the 3D representations of people that are used for dangerous stunts in movies; they are so perfectly modeled and rendered that they just look fake.

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