SUPER WINGS Travel Around the World Augmented Reality iPhone X, iPad, Android Set 출동슈퍼윙스 – Keiths

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Go on a virtual tour around the world with the Super Wings Travel Around the World Augmented Reality (AR) playset! It works with a tablet to make famous places around the world magically appear in full 3D! It also come with a mini transforming Jett figure. \r
– free download of the Super Wings AR App (App Store or Google Store)\r
– Scan a world attrion card to make the landmark magically appear in full 3D!\r
– Includes comprehensive information about each world landmark.\r
– Includes a mini transforming Jett robot\r
– World map board tray shows the world and helps to learn about continents\r
– Box comes with 52 cards, 1 mini transforming Jett figure, 1 world map board tray, instructions. \r
A Super Wings unboxing, review and demo of toys for boys from Keiths Toy Box. \r
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Super Wings is a Korean animation that follows the adventures of an adorable jet plane named Jett, who travels around the world delivering packages to children. On every delivery, Jett encounters new problems that he must solve with the help of his friends the Super Wings–Dizzy, Jerome and Donnie–who together, explore different countries and learn the diversity of new cultures.\r
Season 2 features the new charers Todd, Astra, Flip and Chase!\r
Super Wings is also known as the following in other countries:\r
Korean: 출동슈퍼윙스 \r
Chinese: 超级飞侠\r
Jett: Korean: 호기; Chinese: 乐迪; Hogi\r
Jerome: Korean: 재롬; Chinese: 酷飞\r
Donnie: Korean: 도니; Chinese: 多多\r
Dizzy: Korean: 아리; Chinese: 小爱, Ahri, Ari\r
Paul: Korean: 봉반장; Chinese: 包警长\r
Grand Albert: Korean: 다알지 할아버지; Chinese: 胡须爷爷\r
Mira: Korean: 미나; Chinese: 小青\r
Bello: Korean: 주주; Chinese: 卡文\r
Chase: Korean: 에이스; Chinese: 酷雷\r
Todd: Korean: 두두; Chinese: 金刚\r
Astra: Korean: 샛별; Chinese: 米莉\r
Flip: Korean: 피구; Chinese: 淘淘\r
Jimbo: Korean: 코보; Chinese: 金宝\r
Sky: Korean: 하늘; Chinese: 安琪\r
Roy: Chinese: 皮皮\r
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