Sunday with me… Discover new hidden places. ( HD ). Santa Monica Malibu Pacific Palisades CA …

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Close If you have a dream to travel around the world, or perhaps to move to some new dream location, you must see the Sunday trip from my apartment to gorgeous places no professional guide will show you, hidden treasures in Los Angeles. Are you planning to move to Los Angeles, or know someone who is? We can be of help – visit, also to find information valuable to every renter.

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volny says:

Must see thank you

Rodelor says:

I´m planning to send my daugther to study in LA, but I´m afraid about
violence…can you talk about this?

John Murphy says:

Thank you so much… I am thinking about moving back to California.. this
brought back memories of when I lived in Hermosa Beach and it was a lot of
fun… thank you for your commentary.. 

malunamaba says:

many ugly houses

iamthedawgable says:

At 1:41:32 that was my friend in the window. That is so funny, must’ve been
right before she left for college.

Jane Lee says:

thank you love you

Rafsan1983 says:

Super 🙂 Very Beautiful :)

cegled1982 says:

thanks for the vid. i love L.A its my dream to live there. What car u used
by the way??

mrtazo2012 says:

Thanks for the video man I was born and raised in LA. Thumbs up for driving
up that hill because my ass will not do that lol.

Ronnie Matrix says:

Thanks for the upload, I love it. Great work! I plan to live in California
likely LA or San Diego in the future. 

Brian Rapp says:

1975 entrada local Brian Rapp no surf to rough no muff to tough we owned
thé place

Marcin Regin says:

Super filmik, jak i reszta. Prośba o video z np: Beverly Hills, Bel Air.
Trochę to snobistyczne miejsca, ale za to jakie ładne. Może nie te główne
ulice, ale boczne zakamarki:). Fajnie się słucha Pana bo mówi Pan powoli i
bardzo składnie. Można bez większego problemu zrozumieć wszystko. Rdzenni
Amerykanie to wypowiadają potok słów, które ciężko ogarnąć. Pozdrawiam i
czekam na kolejne wycieczki. Można przez chwilę poczuć bryzę z nad
Pacyfiku. Na razie tylko virtualnie, ale kiedyś kto wie…

beppe loy says:

great job man!

Steffi Reitsch says:

Thank you, Volny, for your video, you are an excellent tour guide. This is
all very interesting to see what this place looks like.

Jeannie C says:

love your video and you sharing your story.

Byron Ravelo says:

swietny filmik . chyba czas opuscic nowy jork. los angeles jest piekne.


I’m a 43 years old from Milan Italy…thank you for this video spend 2h35
min of dreaming. Nice advise my dream is to come to LA but had no money to
do it at present but I will follow your advise if you think you can you
can. Would like to be your italian friend lol thank you again

ardaxify says:

Watched the whole thing. Thats a great video. Looking forward to see more
“sunday with me” 😉

Paradigmx7 says:

Do they sell polski ogorki?

Carlos Barragan says:

there’s already a video of it

ardaxify says:

I miss your enthusiasm and sunday with you. Any word about next “sunday
with me”?

FoxHound -Dead Soldier says:

gta V

cropsy2008 says:

Excellent video. I’ve watched this over the last few days and loved it. I
went to L.A on hols a few years ago and am hoping to take an extended break
soon.Hope you do more.

Wideolink says:

great video. stop by Rasputin International Food Market 17159 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91316. some los angeles attractions: lattractions com

Juri Maxgillen says:

Hello I’m Juri and I wanted to ask you some information abaut LA where I
want to live, give me more info my email address is, leave
me a message and we keep in touch my facebook is jbm prod, thanks

R.J. B says:

Thank you, Volny, for your video. I used to live in Studio City and spent
several weekend’s exploring LA as much as I could. Loved being out and
around Malibu. I drove the full length of Mullholand (even the dirt road
where the gates are usually locked).

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