Spectacular Guatemalan breakfast at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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An amazing breakfast for $4 at Garden Restaurant in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
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Spectacular Guatemalan breakfast at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


anni dee says:

Gahhhh! looks so good, I too am hungry now, hungrier than I already was! is
that a half an avacado, too? oh yummmm 🙂 Great price, too.


The food looks delish and the location beautiful. Thumbs up.

Shawn Cooper says:

So why not sell yourself on your trips as a travel writer, to where you
stay and eat for free or discounted stays and eats ? You can show them or
tell them of your thousand of hits per video ?

alohastar says:

What kind of cheese is that?

CyndyNeg says:

im hungry

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