Sexy and Cute Girls of the Asian World – Traveling Tourist has fun

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The day begins with me walking into the gym in preparation for badminton. I walk in and get my raquet from the Filipina girl. This time I play against two people. So it was 2 against 1. I really need to step up the competition.

After the gym I head out to Lee Super Plaza, 8 pesos na lang. They have these miniature colognes there that I think are fake. Really small and real looking.

Outside and there’s the bubble guy making his annoying bubble noise. After filming too much of the horrible bubble guy, I head off to a fruit stand and pretend I can’t read the prices.

I get to Robinson’s and go directly to the grocery. But before I do that I tell the ice cream ladies that I smell bad. I pickup some chicken breast. There is a price for chicken breast at 132 and a price for fried chicken at 138, but as you can see in the video, they are both exactly the same thing. Someone explain that one to me.

I explain some ridiculous nut rage and then head to Watson’s. Back home I eat some Philippines food and then head out to the Boulevard for some fun. I take the tricycle to the tempura spot, which seems to have moved next to Tocino Country.

Sitting out there, eating the fried Filipino tempura and watching the guitarist attempt to earn pesos. I start walking and run into a rather large homeless midget. She seems to be nearly naked and is sleeping on top of a cardboard box which is on top of a concrete bench.

After that I keep strolling and run into some Filipina chicks eating some balut and stop for a chat. I have enough of the boulevard and head back towards my apartment, but pick up a Filipino Coke before I do so.


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