Series: Travel Around The World With Me

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Travel around the world with me
Bolzano Christmas Market
↓↓↓↓ C h e c k o u t B e l o w ↓↓↓↓

゜。S O C I A L M E D I A ゜。
I n s t a g r a m:
T u m b l r:
T w i t t e r:

M o n d a y ‘ s V i d e o :

So todays video is my First attempt at a new series I want to start called ” Travel Around The World With Me” Since I am in a different country then most of my friends and all of my family, I thought I would make sure every time I go out to a different place I record what I get to see there.
I’m hoping that as time goes on my vlogging skills will improve, because you know practice makes perfect and that’s what I am hoping for here.
Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this video, our friends took us to a christmas market about two hours away from where we live right now, which was extremely nice of them so a HUGE shoutout to Jess, Dan, and their son Lucian. If it wasn’t for them then this video wouldn’t even have been possible.
Obviously we won’t be able to go out every weekend and go somewhere, but we will start to plan our trips out and find places we would want to go and stuff to have fun with each other and our friends.
So look forward to more videos like this where you can travel around the world with me.
I hope you guys enjoy it!

˙˙˙˙˙ V i d e o S o n g ˙˙˙˙˙˙
“Inner Light” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

˙˙˙˙˙ E n d – C a p S o n g ˙˙˙˙˙˙
“Carefree” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Kittie Jean says:

Remember that one time I was trying to tell you that Italy could be
amazing?? I THINK THIS VIDEO IS PROOF. The area you are in looks so
beautiful and being able to shop at a market like that is so different from
what we have here in the States. And those ducks though… SO FREAKING
CUTE. Love you! Thanks for giving me a little slice of Italy ♥

Maria Macabre says:

(⁎˃ᆺ˂) YASSSSS! I love this video! It makes me want to visit Italy one day
(when I master the language). The architecture its so beautiful! 

DeadGypsie says:

This was beyond beautiful honestly. I want to travel the world, and you
just made that a definite thing for me. Thank you for the amazing scenes in
Italy! Do more of these. <33

its alyryan says:

I love you and I’m so happy you are enjoying yourself and getting to see
things. That makes my heart happy. Also ya know I wouldn’t mind if you
mailed me a donut or two. Or 8. Just saying.

Linda Winn says:

one of these days I will go to Italy!! You make it look SO beautiful and
fun to explore! I’m jealous. I’m a new subscriber of yours now 🙂 Hope you
do the same so we can stay updated with each other <3

Kristin Claxton says:

Donuts without Aly?! What the heck is this I’m seeing? lol just kidding!
This is such a beautiful video…I can’t even get the words out! I loved
this, Jamie! Let me day dream about my next trip now :)

mypickstv says:

hi welcome to youtube i just subscribed to your channel your doing great
really liking your videos =) i hope you like the videos that I make as
well. oh btw im Liz, =)

Rachelbeauty1 says:

I really enjoyed this video! I just subbed :)

GladysIsNotFamous says:

Good video I checked out ur vid and it’s fantastic- could you please
comment a question (or more) on my most recent video because I am doing a
Q&A on New Years :)

LetsGoSarena says:

The views are Incredible! Wow, hope you had a great time!

Jamie Gim says:

travel around the world with me

The Beauty of Charis says:

I stumbled across your channel and I love it! I also make videos and I’d
love if you’d check them out and maybe subscribe :)

Fiercely Demure says:

WOW, so pretty…it’s bananas 🙂 P.S. I have subscribed to show my support,
hope you like my channel too & subscribe back <33 xoxo

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