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Guangzhou Qingfeng Electronics Co., Ltd
Difference between 3D/5D/7D.
3D means only 3D movies with 3D glasses.
5D means 5D movies & Motion chair & Effects.
7D means 7D movies & Motion chair & Effects & interaction gun.
Our products 5D 7D cinema:

5D 7D cinema they are all dimensional movie. When we are watching 3D movie we only can see solid pictures BUT now our engineer will bring you into a whole new world and make you immersive into the story. Seats move to 6 dof (degree of freedom ) controlled by computer so that when we watch 5D movies with 3D glasses we will catch the feeling of storm, lightning, rain, spray mist, lapping legs, bubble, snow which will be totally different from the old 3D movies. Fresh and exciting because of the good interactivity created by the new device we developed.
What’s the basic equipment? (Please check the product)
No 9D/11D, it’s just a fake name to attract customers’ attention by other suppliers.

Where to place the cinema ?
Amusement park, theme park, shopping mall, game center, game city, walking street, truck.

What’s 6 DOF?
Means the platform can move up, down, left, right, forward, back.

How do we packed?
1. Bubble pack—-for protecting from water damage
2. Stretch film—- for protecting from corrosion
3. Wooden crate—–for protecting from hitting and rocking

What’s 5D movies’ type?
a) Adventure
b) Car racing
c) Horror
d) Science Fiction
e) Roller Coaster
f) Space Oddesy

Any cases of profit earning?
A case of 5D cinema placed in the Walking street.(based on 1 yesr)
Item 5D cinema(6 seats)+Venue fee+Maintenance fee+staff wages(2 person): Amount
Cost 15,000$+8,000$+1,200$+15,960$=40,160$
Profit suppose 300days/year,10 Hours/day, 5~6 movies/hour, $5.2 /ticket, 4 tickets/display (300*10*5*5.2*4=USD312,000) USD 312,000

Do you have a cinema house?
Yes, we can make the house for you. But it’s a little expensive to buy from China. Because, as it’s with a big volume, we always suggest customers equip the house in their local market.

What are the 3 types of systems? Any difference?
Pneumatic (Lowest price) (No customers like this system)
b) Hydraulic (Normal price)
c) Electric (Highest Price)
Most common use is Hydraulic system. Why?
The most powerful in three is Hydraulic.
Cheaper than Electric system about 5 thousand USD.
The Precision and smoothness for Electric is surely better.
The maintenance is easier for Electric.
The Hydraulic is with longer using life.
Long term, higher electric power consumption for Electric system, not profitable.
9. How about your after-sales service?
1. One year warranty and a life-long maintenance.
2. We will send some spare parts for reservation.
3. Can offer online service more than 13 hours a day. You can always find us.
4. Technician can be sent to your place to solve the problem and can offer training for your stuffs.
5.We will always offer earning and management programs to our customers and assist them in adjusting the programs.

10.Maintenance Procedures for the Hydraulic
  6 DOF seat 5D dynamic mechanical structure is frequently complex with dynamic seat movement, so to ground observation, ground maintenance, theater must have a dedicated maintenance staff.
1. Lubricate
  Dynamic seat each exercise combined unit once a month use with the oil, thus reducing mechanical damage and abnormal sound.
2. Screws
  Each combination of dynamic seat portion with a fastening screw, every week taking the time to check whether there should screw loose, if loose should be tightened with a wrench.
3. Dairy check
Check hydraulic fittings for loose or leak, if loose or leaking, please use the wrench to tighten.
4. Hydraulic oil Note dynamic 5D seat
  Hydraulic dynamic seat need to add # 46 hydraulic oils (petrol station on sale), the initial use must be replaced every three months hydraulic oil, from the next year, need to ensure once replacement per year. Fuel tank capacity of 50L, 45L or so to each refueling.

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