PROOF OF LEVITATION: Levitating Around the World

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Here’s my other video in which I explain how I take these photos:
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Gabriel Morris was born in Vancouver, Canada, raised in rural northern California and has also lived in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and Alberta, Canada. He is an admitted travel junkie, outdoors enthusiast, creative writer and spiritual seeker, with a B.A. in World Religions. He is author of ‘Kundalini and the Art of Being’, ‘Kundalini and the Power of Awakening’, ‘The Mystery of Woman’, ‘Following My Thumb’, ‘Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel’ and other books.

PROOF OF LEVITATION: Levitating Around the World


Joseph Neigh says:

Oooh Photos! An easy effect to produce. Let’s see some video footage of

Helen Noah says:

That is an uplifting video

Orang Yousefian says:


james bowman says:

Very creative

georgia petrou says:

Oh and I just got home to find that your book The Mystery of woman has
Can’t wait to read and pass on to the man in my life 🙂 

georgia petrou says:

Is this a camera trick or are you really levitating? 

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