Prominent geologists from around the world attend conference in Iran

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An international gathering to promote development of the Earth sciences!
The Geological Survey of Iran, in cooperation with the Earth Science Matters Foundation has organized the First International Geosciences Conference in Iran. The International Conference is back-to-back to the 32nd National Geosciences Conference in Iran being held on 14 topics, each in a province.

“More than 150 guests have been invited from different countries. Our country has always been a popular place for foreign geologists. We have common projects with foreign geologists on various issues such as seismology and exploration. We also exchange students in our universities”, says the Scientific Secretary of the conference, Doctor Manouchehr Ghoreyshi.

Many scientists who have come to participate the conference are interested in Iran’s geological specifications either for its diversity or for the similarities with their country or region.

The American paleoecologist and archeologist, doctor Peter E Wigand says: “I see that basically cooperation, exchange of scientists, and exchange of students as well as very strong possibilities between Nevada and Iran, because we have similar problems”.

The main slogan of the conference is promoting worldwide the informatics in the geosciences, and understanding processes such as those resulting in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides and climate change.

“6500 kilometers of ground and soil and rocks below our feet but very little is known. We are only aware when sometimes the earth wakes up by the earthquake for example and we say wow something about the earth”, says Eduardo de Mulder, the president of the International Union of Geological Sciences.

Considering Iran’s strategic policies to get away from oil revenues and increase non-oil exports, developing mining industry in the country is a top priority. Iran is the home to different types of gems.

Hooman Zangeneh, a prominent Iranian gem producer says Iran is famous for its turquoise, but there are more than 200 types of minerals in Iran. He says his country’s strategy is to make the world familiar with Iran’s gems and precious stones.


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