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Adventure Tours in the Philippines – Backpacker Tours around the World
Discover the Philippines from Manila to Caramoan Islands and back via Manila to Subic Bay… – Lotz of Adventures, Trekking, Watersport, Beach Fun and much much more…


snow kenneth says:

I like the beer holder lanyard,,,,

Josephine Gibson says:

na miss kp tuloy sa pilipinas saman naman!!! maybe one day i’ll visit the
P.I. maybe soon cause im getting bored in america..nakakaingit kanaman haha
🙂 Mabuhay ang pilipinas! great video!

ScholarGnome says:

Some Filipinos use umbrellas to beat off the scorching heat. Considering
that they have job outdoors umbrella therefore is necessary to avoid
getting sunburns.

John Blessed says:

This video was okay BUT it had to many on the road scenes, like on the
plane, in the taxi thing, on the boat… BORING!

Tom D says:

Woe? Those Filipinos are so white!!! They must be from way up north.

jimmytwoshoes2009 says:

11:00 guys with umbrella hahaha

MagicJay2000 says:

OK – Thank you for your info! I will try my very best in future 🙂

Barry grier says:

it would be good there were some commentary on the travel areas you are
in,what you are doing and seeing,and where you planning to go,,as it is now
its just a silent movie..your camera work is good,but for gods sake let the
viewers know something about the place…

Josephine Gibson says:

it’s normal for all sex person to use umbrella in the phillipines simmply
because due to getting too dark.or sun burn, it is normal to us.there is
nothing gay about it!

dhing46 says:

great adventure guys. i know how tired you are guys to travel so many hours
but in the same time its fun 🙂 thank you for your video viewing.. i miss
you my home country.

Tom D says:

Wait wait! Not so fast! I want to sing!!!!

MagicJay2000 says:

Thank you very much – Great you enjoyed watching… Please check our
channel, we have many more travel videos online also here: YouTube . com
/TransSibTrain Hope you like! 🙂

Madelyn Taytayon says:

Great!!!! 😉

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