Nomadic Family Travel Blog- Mud Volcano, Colombia, Volcán de Lodo El Totumo-part 2

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So after we had arrived to Volcan de Lodo el Totumo, we had the best time ever. but the best part is yet to come… we were spoiled with 5 local women who washed us in the nearby lake and took every oz. of mud off our bodies.
this is most experience for every traveler in Colombia.

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thenomadicfamily says:

@GLBoca we unfortunately only spent an afternoon. we did talk to reuben
(from the first video about the mud volcano) and asked him if he know
anywhere to stay for cheap or free. if he had said something relevant, it
may have been our next home…. we’re in taganga now. very cool. we’ll make
movies of it soon enough. gotta tell our horror story down to colombia
first. thanks for all the comments and interaction. love it. keep it coming!

Francis David says:

in 2017 or 2018 well be going there

thenomadicfamily says:

hey luxflat90. god, i can’t believe i missed your comment for so many
months ago. i’m so sorry. i always write back. no, no one dunked us under
the mud. we covered ourselves (minus the eyes) veryslowly. it was soooo

thenomadicfamily says:

@bakker46 . totally. totally great. we loved it. the kids are already
asking when we’re going back. (we’re not but they loved it)

bakker46 says:

A great experience thats for sure 🙂

GLBoca says:

Looks like a very cool and special experience you shared as a family
already in your new location!!!!!

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