Nanocoating Market structure and revenues around the World by 2024

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Nanocoatings: The Global Market to 2024 @
In the coating sector, high transparency, new functionalities and high-quality performance are increasingly important requirements. The key element that nanostructured coatings provide however is protection-from ice, pollutant, UV, fire, heat, bacteria, marine life, touch and corrosion. These factors cost global industry billions in maintenance, loss and downtime each year and can pose a significant public health hazard. For example, direct corrosion costs account for 3-4% of a country’s GDP worldwide.Nanocoatings can significantly increase the cost/benefit ratio of products, providing cost effective solutions and improved performances. Moreover, nanomaterials lead to new functionalities, completely innovative characteristics and the possibility to achieve multifunctional coatings and smart coatings.


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