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3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38,000 miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and a terabyte of footage = the trip of a lifetime.

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Watch these 3 travelers (Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White) move, eat and learn their way around the world.

Enjoy this 6 week journey of a lifetime crammed into one epic minute.


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Original music by Kelsey James.


majslejon79 says:

Please sue Ben Winston he needs to learn a fucking lesson. I cannot believe
he just copies existing work over and over again!! He should be ashamed of

Holly Slack says:

ben didn’t even make the wwa videos lmao stop

Gabrielle Alves says:

Guys I know Ben Winston has proved to be a shit, but he had nothing to do
with the WWAT video intro, was a guy named Christopher Sweeney, anyway all
management of this band sucks. The boys deserve better.

linda x says:

you need to stop hating, he didn’t make the tour screens for wwa he said on

ryeofoatmeal says:

HEY LOOKS FAMILIAR TO ME *cough* wwa opening video *cough* this is fuking
joke tho

DashaHoward says:

Why do you guys give Ben so much hate?! Ok! Maybe Midnight Memories, and
You and I videos were terrible, but the other videos he made were very
great! Leave Ben alone! Hating on him wont make the boys like you

Libby Cat says:

I don’t think ben necessarily stole this idea specifically from them. I
feel like this could have been anyones concept. Do you know how many videos
and scenes I’ve seen that are just like this. I mean it’s not like it’s
some groundbreaking revolutionary scene. Plenty of filmakers have came
across the ‘walking while background changes’ concept

Karla CG says:

fire ben winston

Naja Woodards says:

Listen do everyone a solid and sue ben winston because he stole yall shit
go after him take everything he owns i want him to look so bad one
directions only option is to distance them self from him please we havent
had a good music video in years he is a theif that disrepects zayn malik
you are our only hope 

Jen Ferris says:

Ben had nothing to do with the WWA intro video. Do your research before you
try to jump down his throat once again. 

Laneey K. says:

Winston is idiot.. not surprised for me .. i hate him a long time .. and i
know why.. he is arogant and stupid. 

Brenda Stylinson says:

first you and i, then night changes now the wwa intro, someone please fire
ben winsTRASH

butt3rcup100 says:

Does Ben Winston have some sort of plagiarism fetish? Like does he honestly
get off on stealing other people’s work?

Pitty Panther says:


no honestly, i cant believe him. he needs to go. He should be ashamed of

BDLauraXD says:

Oh… Someone must have a good explanation for why this looks really
similar to the wwa opening 

xReverse321 says:

Hey look it’s the One Direction: Where We Are tour intro video!

Susan Brice says:

Anyone know if there is a listing (in order) of the cities they were
videoed in??

Hi Balearic says:

Me encanta!!! super!!!!

Sabrina Diaz says:

fucking ben winston

Debora Stylinson says:

Es similar al INTRO del WWAT 

Tatiana sg9 says:


butt3rcup100 says:

In fact, fire their whole team. Their entire team is trash. Just wipe
everything and start anew. 

leila m says:

fucking sue ben winston

Sarah A says:


extraordin_ hxrry says:

Please be original

Ryan Root says:

Possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube

Ellis van der velden says:

I feel so betrayed

Hadi Syed says:

gosh, which specific software was used to cut all these into small parts??
i am not patient enough to be doing manual cutting says:

MOVE – STA Travel Australia: : @ @ so cool.

carlos antonio cabo gonzalez says:

Si de verdad uno pudiese viajar así tan deprisa
No habría lugar en el mundo que no pisaran ya
Mis pies ahora mismo sin falta de esperar tanto.

Diaz Christopher says:

This is prob the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

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