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Watch Mouk, children’s favorite animated series to travel all around the world! Mouk is a cartoon in which kids live great adventures and discover many cultures while having fun!

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Mouk is an animated series for young children about a little bear called Mouk who travels the world on his bike. This educational preschool show teaches kids and toddlers about diversity, cultures and the importance of keeping an open mind.
It is based on Marc Boutavant’s beautiful book “Around the World with Mouk: a trail of adventure”.
Mouk is a curious and adventurous little bear, who is accompanied by his best friend Chavapa. He loves getting on his bike to travel the world, visiting the most famous towns and capitals.
In each episode, Mouk takes young TV viewers to new countries, to discover a local tradition, a geographic curiosity, a culinary speciality…
From Tokyo to New York, from Australia to Madagascar and through Greece, Mouk and Chavapa meet inhabitants from all over the planet… and because nothing is never quite like home, the adventure is always knocking at their door!
On this playful journey, children make discoveries along with Mouk: ice fishing in Canada, Holi Celebration in India, a wedding in Africa, the hatching of turtle eggs on a beach in Madagascar…
The series is a real treasure hunt, which provokes children’s curiosity, resourcefulness and even a little mischief…
Climb up behind their bike and discover with them this realistic, modern and colourful world.

As seen on ABC, Kika, Karusel, Disney Channel.

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*** Out of contact 00:00 ***
Mouk and Chavapa are in Darjeeling, India. Popo and Mita ask them to take pictures of the tea harvest for a presentation they have to make at school. Suddenly, our friends’ computer breaks down. Luckily, India is a much more modern country than they realised…

*** The best dressed elephant 11:05 ***
Mouk and Chavapa are in India. They meet Mina and Meera, twin sisters who are looking for the lost elephant they want to paint for their grandmother’s birthday. Our two friends help the girls to find it and paint it in time for party.

*** The Indian vase 22:09 ***
Mouk and Chavapa are staying with their friend Kalpita in India. They are watching Bollywood films on TV, but when Chavapa starts dancing in the living room, he knocks over a vase. Our friends are very sorry and want to go buy another vase even though Kalpita tells them it’s okay, because it was an accident.
Mouk and Chavapa can’t find a similar vase but come across a pottery factory. The nice lady, Tanisha, offers to help them make their own vase. But it’s not that easy…


Mouk in English | Official (HD) says:
draph91 says:

you’re missing Holi 

Plumayray says:

oh my gosh im such a huge fan of this cartoon! Its my favourite! im 20
years old and i cant be bored while im watching this! its so cool to enjoy
such colourful heartful characters! thank you for your work!

Thunga Banda says:

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