M&M’s World London! – Sweet Spot Travel Vlog with Cupcake Addiction

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Today’s visit is to m&m’s world in London (yes, theres a WORLD!)
If you’ve never been, check out the video to see all the m&m’s excellence I uncovered in London 🙂

Whenever I travel I ALWAYS check out the “sweet spots” wherever I am and I’ve been taking little pocket review style videos as I’ve been visiting and tasting my way around the world.

If theres a super cool Sweet location near you, let me know in the comments below and when I’m in town I’ll try to stop by and do a review so we can share the best sweet locations around the world!

This episode was filmed using the Tastemade App, free in the iTunes store. A super simple way to create bite sized videos from your iPhone! http://bit.ly/1p7cdRA

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Xx Elise


Axenia Maria Ramos says:

I find it so amazing how people that live near those places can really just
go whenever, meanwhile here in my small Canadian town our most high quality
store is Walmart…

MyCupcakeAddiction says:

M&M’s WORLD? Yup, it exists and I went there! Check out todays SweetSpot
adventure @m&m’s world London

Holly Sturgeon says:

You travelled half way across the world just for a one minute video?

Arian Searcy says:

If your going to sweet places and you like chocolate, I suggest Hershey
Park here in my home state of Pennsylvania ^_^ You can go on a tour and see
how the chocolate is made, pick up just about any chocolate made by
hershey’s, and even buy a 5 Lb hershey’s chocolate bar! Plus there is an
amusement park that has a chocolate kiss mascot that passes out Hershey
Kisses :D

ItsLauren says:

Ive been here and its good, but not amazing.. its so overrated and
overpriced! everything is so expensive.. for example the make your own mix
bag was huge and it was £1.99 per 100g and you could have filled the whole
bag without knowing as there wasn’t clear instructions anywhere and it
would have cost you like £10 for a bag of m&ms.. its a joke tbh but it
smells good inside haha

Maks says:

I work at that m&m’s store! 🙂 haha glad you enjoyed visiting, too bad we
didn’t get a chance to speak cuz I love ur channel! hope you had fun and
come back soon :D

Sophie Rusk says:

Mr simms sweet shop in ireland you simply must go it sweet heaven it’s
small but class im 12 and i really really like it if you went there because
it is really really really just awesome small but class like me! Lol but
really, it’s amazeballz. :P

ExploreList says:

I’m heading to London soon, to start my round the world trip. The first
stop is Bangkok. Didn’t realise M&M had a place in UK, best give it a miss
though, I’m being healthy :)

mubullah josh says:

It’s amazing I’ve been there I loved the night gowns they have mine says,
“I don’t do mornings !!!” Which is true!!!!

Monique P says:

The one in las Vegas is amazing, I loved it.

Karis Goring says:

I live by that it is awesome I recommend 2 any1 who loves sweets and r u
still there or back in Australia ?

Flavor City with Bobby Parrish says:

Way to rock the Tastemade app Elise, I love using it. Made a few appisodes
in London last month also! 

Hammy Paradise says:

i went to m&m world last saturday!

Devoria says:

I went in there once when i was in London and its sooo expensive!!
Everything is soo over priced, there were people leaving the shop and the
products after getting to the counter cause it cost so much

Barnali's Kitchen says:

waooo thats great……..love it !!

BlondCo Entertainment says:

WOW that was the most M7M’s I’ve ever seen! Thanks for the share =)

kitty9catsand4mice24 says:

I have been to m&m’s world in London so many times it smells amazing but
it’s always really busy in there and it expensive but if you go in the
morning it’s not as busy and I asked a guy how much he thought my bag of
m&m’s would cost and he was quite accurate. I don’t live in London I live
in a place called Bedfordshire which is a bout an hour away from London so
I’m not that far.

Sweetfluffythings says:

I live here in the UK and my son lives in London; I didn’t even know that
we had a M&M world here!! I feel a visit to my son (and M&M World) is on
the cards!I I have wondered where on earth I could find different coloured
M&M’s for all my different sweet projects! I love your channel and am
currently doing a pinata Cupcake for my daughters birthday. Thank you sooo
much for the fantastic tutorials and keep up the great work.. By the way
did you know we had a Cadbury World here to? If you do end up visiting
Cadbury World it would be great to thank you in person; I was sad to see
that you have been so close to me and I didn’t get the chance to thank you
in person..
Spreading Cake Love to you.. Frances x

Kerry Whitehouse says:

I love the m&m world in London

Jess Senior says:

Yet I said for you to go there! Hope you enjoyed it xx 

Miss Jamie says:

I went to M&Ms world in Vegas and I didn’t like it a whole lot. I thought
it was overrated. I was expecting a lot more M&Ms than what they had.
However, I also went to Hershey’s chocolate world in Vegas and I LOVED
IT!!! They had an entire chocolate/candy/baked goods section where you
could buy them. We got this chocolate chip cookie sandwich with peanut
butter buttercream in the middle and it was AMAZING. :)

Ali Casarino says:

You should go to cupcake Charlie’s in the USA. Here is the address of the
one near me :
Patriot Place, 262 Patriot Place, Foxborough, MA 02035
You have to do a bit of walking to find It, because Patriot Place is a bit
like an outdoor outlet mall but a lot smaller

Rienie Buang says:

This is so awesome I wish I could go there but that’s ok I come next time
oh yea I’m a girl I’m using my dad’s account so yea that’s it bye ily

michael lowery says:

Please make an ENGLISH chocolate cupcake recipe up on your channel. The
cupcake recipe should be the one you use most often, like the one you did
for the m&m spill effect cupcake. Thanks for any help anyone can provide
for me.

Kate Brewer says:

I really wanna go see u!! 🙁 xx

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