Minimal Beat – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

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Lindsey Stirling says:

Going to tour the world again! Can’t wait to see what this year brings. See
y’all soon!! Tix: 

Lindsey Stirling says:

Tomorrow tomorrow you’re only a day away!! It was so amazing to visit my
fans all over the world! Next stop: The Stars. ;)

Lindsey Stirling says:

It’s “Minimal Beat’s” last week as my “newest” original music video.
Thanks for watchin’; anothah a’comin’!

Lindsey Stirling says:

My next music vid is almost complete! Think you can guess which song it
is?? ;)

Zario Syokuma says:

Like if your watching this in 2015

FrostyBlue23 says:

Hi, Lindsey! I wanted to say that it’s been a while since I’ve watched this
video and I think it’s amazing that you had done this video within the span
of a year, last year and it really turned out great! I think it’s pretty
cool that you got to sit in a plane and I’m glad you’re getting to go
around the world and do what you love, too! :)

Петро Блиндюк says:

1:15 Greatest from Kyiv))) Thank you for your music)))

Leon Kaiser says:

Ich liebe Geige =)

Mammonocalypse says:

If you see this comment Lindsey, I counted about 286 scene changes in this
video! I might be off by a few, but DANG! That’s a lot for a 4 minute

Valérie Sigisbert says:

Je vous emmène en voyage…

Minimal Beat – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song) :

Anime Badass says:

She auditioned in these places:
South Korea
and Denmark

Am I right Lindsey? :D

Lindsey Stirling says:

Have you watched my “Minimal Beat” video yet?? If you recognize any cities,
then list them in the comments #LindseyMinimalBeat photocred @lindseysdaisyviolin

Nash Love says:

Minimal Beat – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)….

Neo2906 says:

sheeeeee`s suuuuch a sweeeeeet giiiirl….i love her music and her style to
be sooooo sooooo much….lindsey you give us all so many many good things
and soooo sooo many warm and lovely moments…..thx for this so so much.

Jonathan Howell says:

Beautiful!!! Awesome!!! Super Cool!!!

Sum Of says:

Does anyone know where she got that black violin?

Odee Dillon says:

Few things I enjoy more, than watching somebody with as exceptional talent
as yourself, enjoy doing what it is you do so well. Thank you so much, for
the hours of enjoyment, and listening pleasure you have given us all.

May God continue to bless you and yours in all things, always.

Romina Aguero says:

lindsey when you come to Argentina?

Бојан Даковић says:

рай папуня says:

very well you play

Jason Darcey says:

How much travelling did you do for this vid? I mean…. just… holy…

Brandon Bae says:

When I see Lindsey Stirling I think of Alyson Hannigan…

Yasserj7 says:

More of the same Lindsey ! This is perfect . Just the right rhythm and
speed. It’s a masterclass of perfection . Please more like this : make us
dance with your violin :)

Natalia Aguirre says:
jennifer castillo says:

I like the videos ..!!!! :D

Antonio Camino says:

Minimal Beat – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song):

Jose Manuel says:

Hi Ms. Lindsey. This must be one of the nicest songs out there by far! The
video was nice, the places were nice, the animals were nice, your outfits
were nice, and of course you were nice and cute. I like to see and hear it
from time to time. So thank you for create and share it!
And come to Spain soon. 

darkness 2000 says:

WOW This is amazing .Congratulations

I from poland

Uriel Camacho Ramirez says:

Que bien se oye este violinsito

Oliver Spira says:

Favorite video of yours, not entirely a hardcore fan, but amazed

Wolf Diaz says:

You were in Mexico! :D

Rick Berd says:

I absolute love all the songs you play. From all of me violin part with
John legend to this video but just like what the American idol judges say,
your dance moves were kinda ok at first but after seeing it again and again
and again to some other videos, it is kinda annoying, frustrating and even
crippy! Please stop dancing the same moves over and over and over again.
Sometimes it makes me prejudice from seeing your other videos. I really
love to hear your music coz I love them but please stop those moves.

Буянто Тудунов says:

0:17 on TV shows Pirates of the Caribbean)

chic on a peaceful path says:

you just showed what it’s really like to be a well-known musician blowing
the trumpets. i love you and i am so grateful for your voice in this world.

Анна Березина says:

Amazing!!!Please come to Rostov-on-Don.

AngryTubersLP says:

You did much in Cologne!

Cynthia A. M. says:
Sothen says:

I love this video, because we can see the natural Lindsey

Xtroverted Hermit says:

you guys did pretty dan good on this one.IMHO

Andrea Cagna says:

Beautiful, Lindsey in Milan!!

carolina Vega says:

i will love too hear a cover of fifth harmony! it will be soo nice.. :3

Meerkat More says:

I didn’t know she went to Ireland or I would have gone there to see her
play and just to go to Ireland because being Irish american, I have always
felt a connection to Ireland and the British isles in general I think I
feel that way about Britain due to having some Welsh in me

Vyacheslav Shulak says:

Когда это она была в Украине?

ryma boumana says:

Merci pour ce voyage gratuit 

hey man says:

Really talented and very inspiring music! I totally love it.

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