Michael Wigge – How To Travel The World For Free – Trailer

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www.howtotraveltheworldforfree.com / How to Travel the World for FREE Visit Michael Wigge on facebook: http://ow.ly/rDTWd Twitter: http://ow.ly/rDUbd


iCX says:

don’t say the world
cuz you can’t travel the world unless ,
visa problem

Edvin Navarro says:

Well done! ;)

familytravelinsurance says:

great , how he managed to get a hotel room ? skillful talk ! .I found this
where you can arrange a lodging in advance i dont know if its free but
worth a look at this club freeglobaltravel.net

j jarry says:

karl pilkington look a like

Spyke2789 says:

wow…pretty badass i would say

Lexaalink says:

visit my channel 🙂

Anthony Odele says:

I’ve found that Law of Attraction really does work. I’ve used it to my
advantage to gain opportunities and have gained more financial freedom
because of it. I’ve also found ways to travel the world at a awesome rate
while making money doing it. I’d love to help people accomplish their goals
of seeing the world and it’s opportunities if this interest you then email
me at tonyodele@me.com

aydooknow says:

it may be free monetarily. but this isn’t free :))

Julian CouchSurfing says:

viva CS!!!

MrZuungchen says:

it’s great ^^

TJ says:

No illegals do it to feed their families and you only go to rich nations
This man wanted to be free of burdens and he went practically everywhere

Knight Rm says:

it could be much more better if my my love follow me with long travel

Knight Rm says:

hope one day i could do it with my lover

timgoat556 says:

i wish! i’m sure his cameras, batteries, memory cards, and time taking to
edit it is worth the price though!

Dominik Stahl says:

Sounds like a nice challenge. Hope he made it!

diariomochilero says:

jajaja nosotros también logramos un gran viaje con nada de dinero!!!!

kickboxduce says:

Great! Well shouldn’t the DVD be free also?

Fizmoo says:

challenge accepted

Dave Smith says:

one is a novelty. 8 million is a migration.

Marcelo Talledo says:

he is a real genius

bcupcake says:

This is nothing special…. we mexicans travel like this all the time. It
is called illegal work as an inmigrant! Duh. The only difference is that if
we Mexicans get caught we go to jail and get deported…. he on the other
hand gets a show.

Mikey Ramone says:

I’m gonna do that now cause my parents already have kicked me out of my
house 🙁

diariomochilero says:

we do it to!!!!

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