LIVE Travel Chat – March 2015

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Let’s talk travel! Welcome to the monthly travel chat with myself Kristen Sarah. This month’s chat will have avid traveller, fellow YouTuber and my partner in crime, Siya Zarrabi!

Be sure to check out Siya’s new YouTube channel for your weekly dose of positivity:

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Also check out my blog post “How to Save Money While Seeing the World” to learn more ways to save money WHILE travelling the world.

Get your travel questions ready and let’s have some fun!



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Kristen Sarah says:

Let’s talk travel!

kali talmon-longden says:

where are you guys going in British Columbia? I live in Whistler :)

Chris W says:

Missed another live chat lol but nice to watch either way a lot of great
info! You are both amazing, thanks for all the great videos! :-)

Elīna Cēsniece says:

Ahh I just love you guys, so much fun watching this! 🙂 Missed this live
chat, hopefully will make it to the next one. Kristen – I just finished
”Monk who sold his Ferrari”, loved it. Finish that book! 🙂 Also I think
you should take a trip to Baltic states in Europe – Lithuania, Latvia and
Estonia. I’m from Latvia myself and it is absolutely beautiful! I’m living
in UK now, would love to meet you if you are ever coming to this side. Take
care! :)

Marie Tielmann says:

When u did this chat? Hopefully can make the next one. Didn’t know u were
doing one. Good questions though.

Msilverhammer says:

Kristen, Siya,

I have traveled all through all of the USA and Canada, and lived in
California, Alaska, Hawaii, and near Washington D.C.

While in the military I visited the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and
many islands of the Pacific, including Guam, Wake, Midway, and the Marshall

I would like to visit New Zealand, and Australia for an extended vacation,
but I would like to do it on a budget.

I am in my fifties, but love staying in Hostels, and I am OK with roughing
it a little.

Any suggestions on air travel, air fares, what to see, etc.?



Sheena's_ CheekieWorld says:

Hello how do i get over there lol and hiyah!

Travel and Root Beer says:

Thank you guys so much. These live chats are awesome!

King Billiy says:

Let’s talk travel

Msp Toots says:

Hi I’m new to ur channel

Ben Thompson says:

Shame I couldn’t be there to watch it, but had some really useful
information. Thanks!

Giulia Fleming says:

Enjoyed it! :)

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