Journey to the Edge of the Universe

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The “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” documentary film broadcast on National Geographic and Discovery Channels. It documents a space journey from Earth to the edge of the universe itself. The US edition was narrated by Alec Baldwin, the UK edition by Sean Pertwee.

Using one single, unbroken shot, Journey to the Edge of the Universe explores what we would find if we were able to travel the entire length of our universe. Venturing past Neil Armstrong’s footsteps still sealed on the moon, the special soars over brightly illuminated Venus onto Mercury, a small planet made almost entirely of iron that may perhaps be the left-over remnants of a much larger planet.

Mars is a planet of extremes: with tornadoes, volcanoes and canyons unlike anything seen on Earth while Jupiter’s ever-present red storm is three times the size of Earth and has lasted for hundreds of years. Reaching the Saturn moon Titan, we find a landscape closely resembling Earth, but Titan’s rivers, lakes and oceans are not made of water, but of liquid methane.

Could life exist here? Travelling more than 90 trillion kilometres from Earth, viewers step inside the Epsilon Eridani star system where spectacular rings of dust and ice resemble the formation of our own solar system 4.5 billion years ago. Even further out is star Gliese 581, about the same age as our sun with a planet that is just the right distance to possibly support life. Passing by the Pillars of Creation, viewers can see deep inside these clouds where huge stars being born, bringing light and perhaps even life to the universe.


Benji Ward says:

So the end of the universe is expected to happen within the next few 10s of
billions of years. The universe is 13.8 billion years old, the galaxy is
13.2 billion years old and life on Earth 3 billion years old, with the
Earth itself just a billion years older.
Finally us, since we’ve started exploring space and understand it, just
over 40 years old.
We’re quite late to the party, aren’t we? Think of the infinite number of
other life forms and civilisations that have potentially existed within
that time frame. We talk about the potential for how many there could be
right now, and the number is massive. Put that across the 13 billion, 800
million years then.. Well, Star Wars might as well be a history

malli ulfs says:

Seeing as planet earth is the only planet we’ve found that we can survive

MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae) says:

Looking at our own solar system billions of years ago.. he’s just said
exactly what I’ve often thought. With all these solar systems in the entire
universe, it’s just not possible that we are alone. We COULD quite easily
be replicas of ourselves, acting out our daily lives and business from 30
years ago or 30 years in the future… who knows! Either way, this is a
fantastic up to date documentary.. still, I will say I’m not happy that
Pluto was kicked out the from the planet crew. I was raised to believe he
was a planet and I shall continue to believe it.

Gamer, procrastinator, and reader. (Yep that basically describes me.) says:

Watching this gave me a deep feeling of longing. I long to travel the stars
seeing new worlds and maybe even finding life, primitive and intelligent.
Unfortunately all I can do is imagine what’s out there because I will never
get to leave Earth as we do not have the technology to do so. 

Andri Arivian As'ari says:

This is still the best video to watch about the cosmos, enjoyable yet
informative… a lot of thanks to NatGeo to make this kinda stuff… worth
the 1.5 hour of your time to watch this… here you go…

PS : sorry if this has been posted before, but hey, a good share is worth a
repost 🙂

Journey to the Edge of the Universe:

Justin case says:

Im not sure why but this video relaxes me every night when i lay my head
down it seriously puts me to sleep i love it, one of the best documentaries
ever! Another good one is “how earth was made” like a journey ill never get
to enjoy other than in my dreams!

Dan Cervone says:


*The time has come to face the truth of life and death. We can now
understand it. An open mind is required. Google “Truth Contest” and check
out the top entry “The Present”*


sikat morten says:

I don’t get it. Until 1:20:30 we are moving forward in space and time
exploring our galaxy and neighbor ones . After that we go back. Why? What
am I missing here?

Could anyone help please?

Jeremiah Prakash says:

I find a major flaw in this entire narration…The narration started off as
if we are physically moving through space… there was no mention of moving
back in time.. if right at this moment we are to be present at the edge of
the universe how would we witness early galaxy formations and the big

Uger Iceman says:

A lot of religious hate in this comment section.

Muslims believe in the scientific creation (big bang) and expansion of the
universe. It’s written in our book.

[41;11] Then He settled to the heaven, while it was still gas, and He said
to it, and to the earth: “Come willingly or unwillingly.” They said, “We
come willingly.”
[51;47] We constructed the universe with might, and We are expanding it.

This means that in our point of view, God has authority of the whole
universe, meaning that God is infinity. The question heard numerous times
‘Who created God?’ According to God, God is the first, the last and
eternal. Meaning that God beyond dimensions, beyond time and space.

Most people find it hard to believe in a God, because they imagine God to
be an old man with a scepter, sitting on the clouds/heavens or however God
is depicted. We believe this not to be the case. We do not know what God
looks like. We cannot see God. On scientific levels, God might as well be
someone far in the outer reaches of our universe and heaven might be a

What I am trying to say is, that no one can possibly know. How would they
have known that the universe was indeed expanding? Is there something
history is not telling us? I doubt it.

I am not saying that ‘My God is the right God, you will go to hell’ I
believe in God. I simply do not care in what you believe, even tho I’ll
listen to your story, I might not always be interested; because what you
believe is what you believe. Nor should you concern yourselves or be a
judgemental phobic with what others believe, unless you are interested. For
each his/her own.

If mankind cannot live amongst each other in harmony, how can you expect we
will be able to live in harmony with other species in this universe? Maybe
that’s why we will never reach them and that is why the universe isolated
us from other life, because the universe knows we are retarded and

TheBlackVeilVlogger says:

We’re either alone or not in this universe. To me, both are equally

pett Pette says:

Why do men kill each other and steal from their friends. Small minds
concern themselves with earthly struggles. Big minds look towards the
universe and understand that MAN is nothing but a speck of intelligent
dust! If the planet vanishes right now, the universe will not even notice
it! Be wise and make peace even though war will always occur! 

Porkleaker says:

Wtf is this? Baldwin? Where’s Morgan Freeman? wtf…garbage

Merijn van keulen says:

According to religious people all the stuff in this video is to accomidate
mankind and at the start of the big bang it was allready laid out how your
life would be.

religion is arrogance and ignorance in its purest form, in fact, religion
is the most shamefull product of mankind ever. If i were an alien i would
freaking laugh my ass off looking at all the pathetic religious claims
about the universe haha

Shorya Jain says:

It is so far the best documentary ever made on the universe… 

Helen T says:

There is life out there. There are more life forms other then us and the
live earth contains. Most people can’t imagine this. That’s why they try to
debunk it. They are scared. How can you debunk something when there is
actual proof. I get it..people need something to go off of. Like god and
gods but…you have to look at other possible ways that life and the
universe could have been created. The big bang is one, so is “god”. Me
personally I don’t believe in god. If there is proof. Show me I will
believe then. I have my eyes set on the possibilities. Not some magical
being. I hope that one day someone will actually sit down and listen to my
thoughts on how everything is here. I am only 16….I wish I could have the
privilege of helping unlock the secrets of the universe or universes. Maby
one day….. 

Frederik Claes says:

anyone though about this: if andromeda is millions of lightyears away from
us: calculate where is andromeda right now?

Marjan Vukovic says:

Yeah, speculation. Europa is a 10 years project? So what all of US, Europe,
Russia, China and Japan wait for? I want to hear hundreds of artificial
probes are been sent in next 10 years all around the Solar system to take
place in different object orbits and to collect data for hundreds of years.
I am sure we will be more able to get the true picture closer then we are

Sleep Queen Sadia says:
willrelio2609 says:

I watched the entire thing without skipping…

Omer698 says:

I always thought neptune was an ocean world

Jake Wane says:

mew, I’m scared :<

Goten Booling says:

nobody get life itself, there’s always creators or creator so yea God is
the creator of the universe. God might be the energy that created the
universe because it’s all about energy. 

zarzanator says:

Im curious abut mars, the gravity is slightly less than of earth, its got
north n south poles with ice caps, canyons like on earth too. But the
atmosphere contains waay too much CO2, neither an ozone layer. But when we
do land there would it be as simple to plant vegetation, which would thrive
on the CO2.And with water from the ice caps, it would only take a matter of
time. before the O2 level rises up. for us to breath there. I cant wait for
us to get there n colonize! :D

Karim Qaiser says:

This is still the best video to watch about the cosmos, enjoyable yet
informative… a lot of thanks to NatGeo to make this kinda stuff… worth
the 1.5 hour of your time to watch this… here you go…

PS : sorry if this has been posted before, but hey, a good share is worth a
repost 🙂

Journey to the Edge of the Universe:

Nicole Monge says:

Wow our universe is an amazing place and it is very interesting… 

MrMrsalligator says:

The glory of God!

Jacob Ch says:

34:30 -300 degrees? sure

CheekyScrubs says:

I swear on every single video I’ve watched on the topic of space, the top
comment has always been some person going on about how this is fake and god
created the universe. If you think this is all bullshit why come here in
the first place. You don’t belong in this part of Youtube. The comment
section should be full scientific debates and discussions where intelligent
people can swap ideas and theories. Not some stupid argument if god is real
or not ffs.

NobodyComments says:

Checklist for humanity:
1) Set up international peace ally network
3) eradicate terrorism and religious extremism.
2) Stabilize world economy
3) Migrate manufacturing industry to aerospace related production.
4) Move remote terraforming facilities to Mars.
5) Set up temporary colonies on Mars.
6) Build asteroid processing plants in Mars
7) Begin asteroid mining bodies including Ceres and Vesta.
8) Begin mining operations on Mercury (due to abundance of iron)
9) Land rovers and people on moons of Saturn and Jupiter
10) Probe for life on moons.
11) Build large scale mass driver on Olympus Mons
12) Begin building of humanity lifeboats.
13) Begin sending probes into interstellar space using ram-scoop tech.
14) Find nearest, life sustaining exoplanet (Kapteyn-B)
15) Send first manned interstellar missions to nearest planet.
16) Set up colonies on planet.
17) Set up eco-friendly factories on new planet.
18) Begin harvesting all energy from the Sun and exoplanets parent star.
19) Become Type II civilization
Next stop: Intergalactic
Feel free to continue the list down below.

Devin Miner says:

Watching this made me realize, we may never be able to explore even a
fraction of this big area called the universe. God is real based on
evidence that people have found but you have to believe that he is real
because he made us choose to either believe or not to believe. I do believe
that God created the Universe. It is so beautiful that it had to be him. He
probably made a bunch of planets like Earth because scientist had found
evidence that there are planets that are habitable and are very similar to
our planet. Maybe the Universe is God and the Universe is God. Maybe the
Quasar’s are his final judgement. It always says that he bigger then the
biggest thing that you can think of. Like everybody’s fingerprints, not one
is alike. Same with every snow flake and with every star, Galaxy, Planet,
and comet, not one is alike. They found pieces Noah’s ark in Turkey and
found chariots at the bottom of the Red Sea. So, if God is real then so is
the Illuminati. 

Uday Mahajan says:

M finding the creator of edge of universe. God please give an opportunity
to find and know you. 

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