J19&Ming: Muppets World Tour 2014 (Club Penguin) Travel Around the World

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Some of the places were not included cause I don’t have anymore ideas about the other places. Jerimin19 thouht it was Constantine. I guess she didn’t notice the mole on his face on the WANTED paper.

Who’s Violet Mizu? Is she an evil penguin? Will she become a ninja to kill them? Find out in the next video.

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shreya dahal says:

Ma little pony?! Isn’t it Mylittlepony?

Rigo Gonzalez says:

Omg I play club pegun too:-D

Muzan Ibrahim says:


emilia pop™ says:


sailorcat15 says:

dear jerimin 19, do you want to play sonic.exe

Meribellz says:

Lol whos ming…?

Lightning Bolt says:

lol pewds is so fab c;

xxpotatoxx says:


MasterCeats says:


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