Is it Safe to Travel to Kashmir, India?

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Is it safe for foreign tourists to visit and enjoy Srinigar in beautiful Kashmir, India?
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Is it Safe to Travel to Kashmir, India?


Beach Bum says:

I love to watch your travel videos +Gabriel Traveler . You’re so tolerant
and patient with those that differ in opinion. Much respect from me with
how you live your life and treat others. 

Amir Khan says:

Kashmir will always be a part of India ! Insha Allah 

Faheem Bhatt says:

Mr.Gabriel thanks for posting this video it rilly sends a good message to
the world what kashmir rilly is .i must appericiate your work God bless u

debojyoti chanda says:

I love kashmir for holidays..and my frimed we indians already devided our
land and gave to muslims in form of bangladesh and pakistan..we will not
devide amd cut india more..maybe..would taking all those land again would
be great.

Tesla Advocate says:

Kashmir should be a country? Just kidding. I love Kashmir. 🙂 

joeboy says:

Staying away from the politics of it, I thank you for coming and visiting
my country. I am a hindu from central India and I consider Kashmir the most
beautiful part of our country. I have never visited the place but I have
several friends from Kashmir. They all are lovely people and I believe they
in turn reflect the beauty of the place. The only thing that worries me is
your comment that only a few Western tourists were spotted there….!
Kindly encourage your fellows to visit this place and help place it on a
prominent place in the tourism map of the world.

ybet1000 says:

It’s .. “Like anywhere in asia ” it’s safe… if you don’t act like an
arsehole…… for everyone else like myself…. just be a nice
guy… throw a bit of cash around.. I was there in 1995 .. when it was
supposed to be violent….I went to the ski fields ( closed down due to the
violence so I went tobogganing, trout fishing, horse riding, mogul gardens,
boat cruises around the lake…( no work for anyone so they gave us about
twenty guys paddling for upstream etc…).. shopping was great, bought a
carpet, gem stones, paper machee and best of all the apple juice…It was
superb…. if you want you can smoke hash but don’t expect to drink booze
up there…. so go there be nice.. stay out of the politics(I was on the
kashmirie side.. which they would tell me, was in most cases, leave us
alone…. but I never picked sides.. I let them tell me what they
thought…. I was there as a tourist and was amazed at how beautiful it
was.. and was very worry to hear of all the problems they had to endure).,
have a good look around it’s very pretty, throw a bit of cash around and
have a wonderful time 

Arpan Dutta says:

Yeah I did Ladakh in the eastern part of J&K last summer and loved every
bit of it! no problem whatsoever

Muhammad Rasool says:

You Have Uploded This on my birthday

nikhil ambadi says:

Well good video bro.. but some wrong msgs…

sdgupt says:

Word advice Gab… Don’t yak about local politics bro, cuz u don’t know
jack about Kashmir and its issues. Be the tourist, enjoy the nature, the
people, the food… And check that off ur bucket list. 

Sheikh Intizar says:

Kashmir is safe for tourists not for Kashmiris….. So do visit so called
paradise on earth (kashmir).

Nikhil Arora says:

I love all your videos. Just don’t pay attention to some people here. I am
an Indian but feeling bad to see some stupid and ignorant comments here.
Also Kashmir issue is really complex so it would be better to not fall in
the discussion.

dujaize Duja says:

We kashmiris love Pakistan 

Euagrios Olson says:

Isn’t an Indian Kashmir undisputably better for the kashmiri’s? The
government of Kashmir chose to be part of India so that’s the law, & I can
understand why seeing how the non-Muslims have been ethnically cleansed
from Pakistan. Tolerance doesn’t seem to solve anything, at best it
postpones the inevitable conflict to your children’s generation. Is that

Assad Yezdi says:

Hi Gabriel,it was a wonderful video,sringar to leh i saw all the series
from you.

In 1989 i travelled to Iran Yazd, back packing i was 21 then, times were
different those days.

Bombay delhi,atari – lahore karachi via sindh 30 days in Karachi then
Quetta Kohe taftan border of pak iran and iran side it is called Mir Jaweh
to zahidan to yazd to Mashad tehran Bombay.Oh it was awesome.

We are 5 Now Wife son and 2 daughters.We travelled to saudia arabia back
packing Mecca and Madina,2012,i was 44,it was just great.
After doing research through your Videos and Other videos We will try
Laddak,,,,this time Inshallah i am hoping until Rajastan.2 states- age 46

I loved all videos on J &K from you Thanks for them,they offer Immense Info
for a traveller, My Lovely Country India.

I have also travelled to Lets start India,Pak,Iran,Saudia arabia,Iraq,Syria
and Dubai.
Indias water is the Sweetest,Believe Me.

Piya hum saath Mulk ka Pani sabe se Meetha Hindustani.
Means,I have tasted water of seven contries,but the Sweetest of Them All is
the Indian Water.

AparichitKills says:

Yeah, It is absolutely safe for tourists and equally danger for Porki

Dean Ghosh says:

Kashmir is free,but those nuts are spreading propaganda and instigate local
people in the name of independence! All the development happened over the
past decades all are done by indian govt..bcoz India consider kashmir as
its integral part but those moron dont’t. they just instigate at the time
of election to stay in power. And for the argument if UN gives Kashmir a
status of separate state from India or Pakistan, then surely it will become
another afganistan because pak militant won’t give kashmiri a time to
develop their own army. Just think about it. In the time of deluge, or in
the time of any crisis who stands by them, that is Us,Indian.

Ravindra Maheshwari says:

first pak itself is a Hindustan’s land….so keep quiet you assholes…and
live within it…..J&K muslims go fuck urself to muslim lands ..u do not
belong to Hindustan and J&K is not your land to say ur views….its a land
of J&K Hindu pandits and an adobe of beloved lord Shiva..
moreover government should acquire pak occupied J&K asap..
the entire Hindustan including Pakistan was Hindus land..British
comes…. converts Christians…Mughal comes converts Muslims…now part of
Hindustan is parted as Pakistan…what more ???…fuck off its
enough…need to travel more and have some history lessons…. People are
more important than anything…. But when patriotism comes….. We need to
re think….. Don’t ask why!!!!

j raj says:

You did the job what Indian Government/ Kashmir Government should do ..
Thanks :)

Vignesh K says:

Pakistan has raised some dogs in India … They eat everything from India
and create trouble in Kashmir

Mashi920 says:

Kashmir is India and India’s alone. Pakistan itself didn’t even exist
during the colonial periods or prior; it split from India because of dirty
muslims. They should leave this alone. Kashmir is native Indian territory.

MrWorldwidebball says:

Cool video. Im american and have family in Kashmir, in Nishat where you
filmed this. I go there every year to visit my family and also I coach
sports. I have a video on my channel of me there, check it out if you like
and im glad you enjoyed your trip to Kashmir, yes it is safe.

Thenn Arasu says:

just for the facts, southern part of J&K has decent hindu(pandits)
population, where as srinagar is muslim majority and ladakh is little tibet
with full of colorful buddhism.. India will always be india with respect to
all religion, people, color and faith.. thanks for visiting india and
making this video.. this is indeed a great favour you do to india than many
media outlets like CNN, etc., 

Peter Huskins says:

Went there in 1991. Everyone was saying, oh, you shouldnt go etc. Once
there it was beautiful and the people very friendly. There were virtually
no tourists there and the house boat owners were desparate for the business
which was very sad, Couldnt go out at night but that wasnt a problem. Go
visit, just use common sense and you,ll have a great time!

paatchu says:

Appreciate the effort Gabriel….eventhough there are some factual
err(majority of kashmir ppl dont want to be with Pakistan, last month there
was a big rally organised in UK for Kashmir but the rally ruined when they
saw Pakistani politicians in the stage..Kashmiris threw rotten eggs and
tomotoes to!!)..
So, as a tourist anyway you are not supposed to understand complex
political situations as well.
But i dont understand why ppl commented here you as jewish..etc..etc
Anyway, Jews love india, Israel is india’s best friend also. So even if
you’re a jew he will not say something against India…Good effort
Gabriel…happy hippy days :-)

Somali Martland says:

+Gabriel Traveler I love your videos and hope one day when im older I can
aspire to do as you do. Im only 13 and as soon as I can get a job this is
what im saving for, I would really love to visit Nepal and do some trekking
🙂 thanks your amazing and an inspiration to me 🙂 <3

Harkiran Kaur says:

I was in Kashmir in Sept (yes during the floods) but it was amazing! Dal
lake is beautiful and Sonamarg Gulmarg Ladakh. Locals were very nice always
offering tea and roasted corn or biscuits. Kava is yummy! It’s safe
everyone 😉 ps Ladakh is surreal! Was there too, Leh is wonderful, Pangong
lake is amazing, Nubra Valley camel riding 🙂 you will love it, I did! In
fact I will eventually be living part of each year in Srinagar. 

Syed Kazmi says:

Can you please travel to muzaffarabad to show its also save in Pakistan
side of kashmir. You’ll love the food and the people. Thanks 

phil green says:

Occupied by so many ‘indian solders’
??? Is this an in demand job there?

Kawa Aqib says:

Hello Gabriel,
First of All Thank you very much for coming to india mostly to kashmir.I
would like to correct you that kashmire just want to be independent not
Pakistan not India.We love our kashmir i am proud to be an kashmire again
thank you very much for coming and uploading this video please visit again
srinagar with more Friends.

Shahnawaz Lone says:

There is one solution, that kashmir will be real heaven on earth,
Through out Indian army from kashmir…

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